Helen Heights

Helen Heights – Mom fucks Son’s best Friend HD 1080p

Your best friend is turning 18 and going out to celebrate. You are under strict instructions from his mom to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t get out of control and is back by 4am. Your best friend had too much of a good time and yourself and him arrive back at his moms at 6am and in a bad way. Your friend gets told off and sent to bed. You find yourself alone with his shy and bashful mom. She invites you to stay over and you accept. She is very warm and affectionate, before long you find yourself aroused by her company. She admits how she has been lonely for a long time and that her ex-husband never gave her any attention or made her feel attractive. She gets excited and horny over how you appreciate her and she loves how hard your cock is. She cannot resist and starts to ride your cock! She loves being a hot MILF on your hard cock. Don’t get to loud, your best friend is in the next room. His mom finally wanks your cock and you cum all over her stomach and tits!

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