Harper Madison

Cory Chase, Harper Madison – Free Use Anal Step Daughter (Part 4) HD 720p

Cory Chase and her step-daughter, Harper Madison, are sitting next to each other on Cory’s bed. They’re both wearing light, floral lingerie, as Luke Longly walks into the room. Harper gets into the doggystyle position and Cory pours lube all over her step-daughter’s tight holes. Then, Cory gets in the doggystyle position right next to her step-daughter, and Luke goes back and forth between the two women, fucking both of their ass holes. Cory licks her husband’s cock clean, before he goes back to fucking them! Cory lies down on her back and Luke starts to fuck her pussy this time around. Then he switches to her ass hole, and he continues to go back and forth between his wife’s holes. Cory licks his cock clean again, before she rides his cock with her ass. Harper rides her step-dad’s cock with her pussy next, followed by her ass hole. Luke fucks Cory’s pussy while Cory kisses Harper. Finally, the two women open their mouths wide and beg Luke to cum in their mouths. Luke cums in his step-daughter’s mouth and then Harper kisses Cory so they can share his cum!

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Harper Madison – Guidance HD 1080p

I’m sure you’re fine. I would just tell Alex to try it… Well, I’m his dad. I really shouldn’t look at my son’s girlfriend’s butthole… Okay, look, I can check it out but I’m sure it’s probably normal. Assholes are usually pretty tight. They just need a little training…

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Harper Madison In Free Use Anal Step Daughter (Part 1-3)

Would You Fuck Me Without Birth Control-

Cory Chase is super excited to meet her step-daughter (Harper Madison) for the very first time this weekend! Cory’s arms envelope Harper with a hug as she walks through the front door. Cory is wearing a white skirt with a floral blouse, as she leaves Harper to get settled in her bedroom. Cory finds her husband Luke Longly in the hallway, and she tells him to go greet his step-daughter! Luke walks down the hallway towards his step-daughter’s bedroom, and when he opens the door, he finds Harper sitting on the bed completely naked! Luke asks Harper if she’s on birth control pills now, and she tells him ‘no!’ Luke is nervous at first, but his step-daughter’s naked body easily convinces him! Harper gets down on her knees and she starts to give him a blowjob. Once she gets his cock nice and hard, she lies down on the bed and he starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. Her natural boobs bounce up and down with every thrust. After a few minutes, Harper flips over into the doggystyle position and he fucks her pussy from behind. She begs for him to cum inside of her pussy, and he does what she asks of him!

Pick a Hole Step Dad-

Luke walks into the living room and he finds his step-daughter Harper sitting on the couch. Harper is wearing a white blouse with a light purple skirt, as she tells her step-dad that she has another game for the two of them to play! She tells him that he is allowed to pick a hole, any hole he wants to fuck this time! He is shocked, but intrigued. She bends over in the doggystyle position, so Luke can see both of her holes up close. Then she opens her mouth wide for him to see the third hole that he has access to today! The hole that Luke really wants to fuck today is her ass hole! He gently fucks her ass in the doggystyle position at first, followed by anal in the missionary position next. He keeps fucking her tight ass hole, until he cums deep inside of her ass!

Creampie Roulette-

Luke is walking around the house searching for his wife Cory, but he can’t find her! When he walks into his bedroom, he finds his step-daughter, Harper, instead. She tells him that she has another game for the two of them to play. This time, she wants him to creampie her pussy! Luke tells her that her blowjob skills were great the other day, and she starts to suck his cock again. Once he is hard, she lies down on the bed again and he starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. He then fucks her ass and her pussy, back and forth, in no particular order. After a few minutes, she flips over into the doggystyle position and he continues to fuck her ass from behind. He fucks her ass until he is ready to cum, and then he switches to her pussy. He explodes deep inside of her pussy!

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