Haley Blake

Haley Blake – Bbygirl Replaces Step-Mommy For Your Happiness HD 1080p

“Before I begin, I’ll just let you know that the scenario focuses primarily around the giantess and taboo fetishes; this involves your step-dad, but I’d like you to only ever call him “Step-Daddy”??

You walk into the living room back from school to see your step-dad hurriedly covering himself up with a cushion. You’re so excited; what’s he hiding? Could it be a present? Oh my gosh you have the best step-daddy in the world! You playfully run up to him, teasing, asking to see what it is, wrestling with the cushion a little until it slips from his grasp… and you freeze, then scream in shock. What is that? Oh my God, is that… his penis?

Your step-dad is ashamed and you understand why: ever since your step-mom left, he’s had nobody there to care for him, and to love him. It’s been so hard for him, and you feel sorry for him. Mommys and Daddys are meant to love each other, and now he has nobody there to do that, and you know that that means he has to sometimes relieve the tension he now has. He didn’t know you were going to arrive home so soon, and he didn’t mean for you to see him like this, in a moment of weakness. You tell your step-dad that it’s okay, because you understand, and you just want him to be happy again. You ask him if he’s feeling better, and that it’s okay to finish, but he’s now so embarrassed he can’t even speak. You guess that he’s not going to be able to do it, after all his penis has gone soft again. You wonder if you can lend a hand? You take it in your hand (off-screen), and even with that touch you can feel it grow a little. You ask your step-dad if touching it makes it get harder? Would rubbing it help? You start to do so, all the while telling him it’s okay, and that you just want him to feel good again. It eventually gets fully hard, so it must be working, but your arm is getting so tired. You’ve heard that sometimes mommys can use their mouths to help daddys feel good, so you switch to giving him a blowjob, until he finally explodes into your mouth. You look straight at your step-dad, telling him it’s okay, you kind of liked it, and you tell him you want a hug; they always make things better!

?Starts with you standing up in shot, and you look down at your step-dad… wait, why is he so low? Step-Daddy, stand up! Wait, he’s not on the couch… so why is he… and you shriek! OMG! Your step-dad has SHRUNK! He only comes up to your belly-button now! OMG, does that happen whenever that white stuff comes out? Is that why Step-Mommy left? He looks like he’s going to cry, he’s so short next to you… but you can’t help but feel excited! You comfort him, and tell him it’s going to be okay… but you want to try something. You bend down and reach to pick him up, saying you’re going to the bedroom. ?You still can’t get over how small your step-dad is, but you want to see him get shorter! His penis is soft again, but you know what might get it hard, and you begin to take off your clothes. It works! I guess your step-daddy thinks you’re pretty, huh? You think he looks pretty too! You tell him you want to take things to the next level: you want to try having sex! He resists, and you can see he doesn’t think you’ve should, you’ve gone so far already… but you tell him you’re just making sure he feels loved, and anyways, you’re the biggest one in the house now, so you’re in charge!

You climb on top of your step-dad and begin to make love to him. He’s slightly resisting, but you tell him you love him and you only want to make him happy. Even at half his height he’s still pretty big, it feels so amazing and before long you scream as you have your first ever orgasm, at the same time that he does too. It’s such an incredible feeling that you’re slightly lost in it, before eventually looking down… and realising that your step-dad’s shrinking again! OMG, he looks like he’s only 18 inches tall now; he’s so small you’re in danger of crushing him! You quickly climb off, but that felt so good, you want to try one more thing. This time you want him to have sex with you while he’s standing up, and you get on all fours facing away from him. This time he’s so swept up by it all that he doesn’t need, although he’s so small he finds it hard to reach; you look back and tell him to stand on your calves, which he does. Even though his penis is so small now, it still feels good, and before long you both cum together, which makes him shrink down to only nine inches tall.

You feel so good, and you tell your step-dad that it’s all going to be okay. You’re in love him and you want to be with him forever. You can replace step-mommy. You know he MUST grow back eventually, but for now you want to make him smaller, so you give him another blowjob; this time he’s so small that your eyes are able to look straight down the lens of the camera while doing so! He erupts, and shrinks again, but you want more. You’re in charge now and you know what’s best for him. You reach down with your fingers and finish him off one last time, shrinking him down to your favourite height: only an inch tall! You tell him that you’re going to put him in your bra against your nipple to see just how small you can make him before it’s bed time, but that he shouldn’t be afraid: you might be the biggest one in the house now, but you only want to make sure him happy, even if you have to f-rce him to be. You’re give him a kiss, say “I love you Step-Daddy”, and push him against your nipple. fade to black?”

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