Graycee Baybee

Graycee Baybee – Hot Yoga Girl Sees the Future – And She’s a Slut HD 1080p

Graycee is used to guys from yoga trying to find some way to talk to her. Michael is different though. She can tell he has no ulterior motives and when he talks about things he saw in the future she can tell he’s completely serious. Graycee’s always believed some people have the gift, she actually thinks she has it but just hasn’t find a way to focus it. Now at Michael’s house she is having visions and she knows they must be telling her the future, why else would she do exactly what the visions say?

She can’t beleive how happy she was sucking Michael’s dick and even eating his ass. She feels so slutty and happy! When he says he saw a full sex tape in thier future she knows it is going to happen

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