Goddess Dommelia

Goddess Dommelia – Eat Your Cum For Step-Mommy 4K

I know that you desperately crave to be a good boy for your step-mommy. Deep down, nothing feels as good as hearing me say the words ‘good boy’. And good boys eat their own cum. That’s right, forget what you may have heard – good boys gobble up their cum. So, start stroking your cock for me. You love seeing your step-mommy in this pink lingerie so start stroking to my ass and jerk to my big tits as I build you up to shoot that tasty load. Show me what a good, obedient boy you can be. And once you’ve gobbled up your cum for me, I have a reward ready for my good boy.

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Goddess Dommelia – Panty Shopping With Step-Mommy-In-Law HD 1080p

I”m your step-mother-in-law to be, and you”re set to marry my step-daughter in a couple of months time. On the lead up to the wedding, I have suggested we do some bonding activities to make us all feel closer. Today, I suggested you come shopping with me. We are in the private changing rooms at Victoria Secrets, I am looking at myself in the mirror in a tiny sexy lingerie set, and asking you for your opinion, as I bend over and pose in different positions…checking my body out in the mirror. I complain how hot it is today and that I need to slip off my heeled sandals to air my feet out. I take a seat and ask you to be a darling and to blow on my slightly grubby soles to cool them down, nonchalantly swiping your face with my dirty feet as I look at you, eventually rubbing the sweat off your face, as if it”s completely normal, saying “Oh, your such a good darling for me… making my feet better”… My step-daughter (your wife to be) calls me, to find out how we”re getting on and to make sure you I buy a matching pair for you too, we both agree matching panties would comfort your erection (ED) problems & bond us all closer together. I finish the call and reassuringly tease & seduce you into the idea of wearing panties telling you the reasons (to comfort you, feel closer to us both & how it feels etc). You”re not entirely convinced about the panties so I bury my arse into your face making you feel close and secure. I make reference to your erection issues & cock size, even though I think your cock would be perfectly fine IF it could stay hard – but it doesn”t, so its TOO SMALL (both my step-daughter and I are size Queens ) and so wearing panties would feel better for a dysfunctional cock like yours. I call out to the pretty sales assistant to join us in the private changing room, telling her about your E.D. issues and how it stays small most of the time, she agrees that panties would be best and measures your penis to get the right size as I guide her and talk to her about your penis. The sales assistant mentions you should try a training bra too because you have small tits too, I think its a wonderful idea! She gets a set and I guide her to put the bra and panties on you, a perfect fit! Pink and black see-through lace… I ask you how it feels and how close you would feel to me and my step-daughter. For being so compliant, I think you should celebrate your new attire with a nice orgasm, the pretty sales assistant overhears this and asks to help too, I of course accept, and ask her to sit behind you and jerk your soft dick like a girl, while I tease you with my body… I”ve been on my feet all day and I need to let my feet air out, so I place them on your face to inhale, especially in-between my toes where it stinks more… I like seeing you horny & desiring me, so I take every opportunity to playfully tease you… I encourage the sales assistant to pinch your nipples like its a small dick as she is rubbing you off in your own pair of panties. I see you”re about to cum from the pretty sales assistant who has now enveloped herself behind you as she is frigging your soft clitty, still with my smelly feet on your face… You eventually cum into the panties and we both are elated that you have Christened your new panties with your love juice, I thank the sales assistant and she hugs and kisses you goodbye. I am very proud of you for wearing the training bra and panty set, I tell you to wear it home underneath your big boy clothes. I give you a big hug and kiss up close, ending with me saying that we both can a share a girly bubble bath together and enjoy a siesta next to each other in our new panty / bra sets.

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Goddess Dommelia – Pump For Porn-step-mommy, I Am Porn HD 1080p (2022)

I Am Porn. That’s right gooner, I Am Porn. I am your Porn-step-mommy. And whenever you stroke your cock for me, you’re stroking your cock for porn. And you’re never going to stop stroking your cock for porn. You’re just a weak little lost boy and you need Porn-step-mommy to guide you, to teach you, to nurture you. I am your perfect Porn-step-mommy. And you’re going to stroke your cock for your Porn-step-mommy. You love porn and I Am Porn. Every single inch of me is Porn. You love Porn. Stroke your cock to your Porn-step-mommy. That’s a good boy. It feels so good being a good boy for your Porn-step-mommy, doesn’t it?

I want you to look at Porn-step-mommy’s hot, sexy, porn body and I want you to pump, pump, pump your cock. You love porn just like you love your Porn-step-mommy, don’t you? Porn-step-mommy takes care of you while you stroke your mind away. You can’t stop. You’re so mesmerized by Porn-step-mommy, aren’t you? That’s a good gooner, stroke to Porn-step-mommy’s perfect porn ass. You love hearing Porn-step-mommy moan, don’t you? You love the sounds of Porn. Stroke your cock for Porn-step-mommy. I Am Porn. I am the human embodiment of porn and I am going to take over your life. I’m going to bring you up in my image, a perfect porn addicted gooner who worships his perfect Porn-step-mommy.

Now goon for Porn-step-mommy. Jerk it. Stroke to porn. I Am Porn. Pump for Porn-step-mommy. You are my good, obedient boy, aren’t you? You’re so eager to please me and all you have to do is your favorite thing in the whole world. The only thing that Porn-step-mommy wants you to do is stroke your cock. That’s right, I want you to get more and mesmerized by your Porn-step-mommy and her porn tits. Goon to me. Stroke for Porn-step-mommy. Pump your cock. Every stroke gets you more and more addicted, more and more weak for your Porn-step-mommy. You’re so in love with porn. You’re so in love in with me. So completely addicted and obsessed with being porn offspring for me.

You wanna be a good boy for your Porn-step-mommy, don’t you? Then you need to keep stroking and pumping. With every stroke as you look at Porn-step-mommy’s titties and you goon. Stare at Porn-step-mommy’s titties and goon out. Become mesmerized by them. Get into a porn trance and pump your cock. Keep pumping for Porn-step-mommy. Let me take over your mind with every single stroke. Pump your cock for Porn-step-mommy. I am your Porn-step-mommy. I am everything that you need. Stroke your cock for Porn-step-mommy. You’re going to goon endlessly to your Porn-step-mommy. I Am Porn. And you are Porn-step-mommy’s good boy. Everything about me is Porn. I Am Porn. And when you stroke for me, you stroke for Porn. I Am Porn. Pump and goon and never, ever stop. You’re going to be Porn-step-mommy’s good boy for the rest of your life, aren’t you?

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