Goddess Canna

Goddess Canna – Big step-brother mesmerized to cum on my tits HD 1080p

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“You’re my little step-sister and you have a persistent urge to hang out with me. You’re bored out of your mind and try to convince me to play with you, but I’m not interested. You convince me to look into your eyes, and while I fight it, eventually I find myself lost in your stare. You pull down your top revealing your cleavage and begin to mesmerize me with that as well, bouncing them and bringing them close to my face. After a while I’m completely putty in your hands. You take off your top, revealing your bra, and continue to sensually brainwash me into your little toy using your eyes and breasts. Occasionally you have to tell me to stop struggling, reasserting your control with your beautiful eyes. Lastly, you tell me you’re going to make me cum on your tits and lick it all back up. You lock your gaze on me and push your cleavage close, giving me a countdown from 10. Towards the end of the countdown if you could tease “C’mon, you know you want to…” I would be sooo grateful. After the countdown, you put your cleavage super close to the camera, tell me to lick it up, then tell me how good of a boy I’ve been and to bury my face in your cleavage. The camera goes dark and you say “Let’s play again, big step-brother.”
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