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Gianna Love – Step-Sister Theater Slut Fuck HD 1080p

From: Taboo Family Affairs

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There’s nothing better that getting banged by 2 big dicks. Especially when one is your step-brother’s!!

Why do people make fucking so complicated? When I want laid, I post an ad on Craigslist looking for guys who are DTF (Down to Fuck). I like fucking 2 guys, because 2 cocks are ALWAYS better than 1. I got out of my boring clothes and put on my red top and black leather skirt. I like how it wraps around my hips perfectly. I could feel myself getting wet walking up to the pool table. They’re fun to fuck on and I’m not a bad shot either. As I’m about to make a shot, hands over my eyes and I hear “guess who? His voice sounded familiar so I started smiling instantly. When I turned around, it was exactly who I thought it was- my step-brother! He brought his friend Conor with him so I knew exactly why they were there but I just wanted to make sure. Once they pulled their dicks out though, I knew I was finally going get what I’ve been secretly for years, his cock!

Being a good step-sister I started sucking Brad off first because I really wanted to impress him. He noticed I was being unfair to Conor, so he told me to not forget him as I apologized by deep throating his huge cock. I could tell that Brad wanted to get what he came for when he picked me up and putme on the pool table and slide his dick right in. It felt so good that I didn’t feel so bad about always wanting to fuck my step-brother this sin is worth every stroke. I think Conor was scared of getting caught in the pool room but that’s ok, I’m a girl that loves a challenge. I climbed on Brad’s cock while Conor shoved his dick in my mouth at the same time. I wanted to know what Conor’s long dick felt like, so they switched positions so I could get the best of both cocks.

My step-brother must have been thinking about all the times he got in trouble because of me. He took all his frustration out on my pussy. I told them how much I loved taking their big cocks, but I wanted to lay my head off the couch and let my step-brother fuck my face and my throat. Finally I just couldn’t wait anymore and I needed to feel the product of all my labor. So I got down on my knees like a good slut step-sister does and sucked off both cocks, jerking them and begging them to cum on my face until my face covered in warm salty cum. I was so turned on I walked out of the porn theater with my face covered in cum. I cant wait for more family time with my step-brother.
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