Delilah Cass

Little Puck, Delilah Cass – Sitter Turned FUCKTOY by HOT MILF Little Puck HD 1080p

I thought I was just going to this couple’s house to be their sitter, but it seems they had something else in mind. Little Puck opened the door in some hot lingerie and her husband already had a video camera out and was filming me. They said it was just so they could review my “application”, but are they like trying to make a porno with me or something? I mean, I really need the cash, and Little Puck is super hot. Maybe being their little fuck toy wouldn’t be so bad after all.

This video is shot from the viewer’s (husband) POV and is a girl girl video with the beautiful Little Puck.

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Delilah Cass – Part2 Seducing My Perverted Spying Uncle HD 1080p

I know my uncle has been spying on me and I am so turned by it. I need to seduce him and make him fuck me. I have laundry to do before my parents get here but I really hope my uncle gets here before they do…. I should probably wash these panties and oh.. My pussy is so wet… I sniff my panties and get turned on and rub myself. I wish my uncle was here to fuck and pound me are the thoughts in my head… I open my eyes and oh my god! My uncle is there with his cock hanging out. This is perfect!! Everything I wanted. I beg my Uncle to let me suck his cock and pull him over so I can show him how good I can make his cock feel. I lick and suck his cock and balls until he tells me he can’t do this anymore and walks out! WTF?! My uncle isn’t going to bed until he fucks me tonight… Just watch… I head up to my bedroom, angry. I need to get my uncle to see I am not joking around and I really want him to fuck me. I start taking selfies and sending them to him. I change outfits and film a naughty video for him. I get a text finally to come down! I get to finally please and fuck my uncle’s cock!! I go down and start sucking on uncle while he gags me with his big cock. He fucks me in doggy while my tits bounce. I dirty talk while uncle fucks me and I know it really turns him on. I get on top of uncle while he puts his big cock in me harder and harder. He spanks me and makes my ass red and I fuck my tight little ass with my finger while he pounds me. I can’t wait to take uncle hot cum all over my big tits. Until next time uncle…. Tags: taboo kink uncle fucking older man younger woman young legal pony tails sweater dress thigh highs redhead redheads hairy bush asshole finger ass ass fingering cut dicks dirty talk naughty talk moaning pounding

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Delilah Cass – Hooter’s Girl Painal Punishment HD 1080p

Delilah is such a dumb slut for messing up your order on the first day of her new job. She knows you are one of their top customers and can’t break the bad news to her boss…You have other plans for how Delilah can repay the messed up food order. Delilah is resistant at first, but gives in knowing this is her only way to make you happy. You have a lot of toys you are going to use on Delilah’s cute butt. You start by spanking her plump ass and realize you’d like to see it through her tights and rip them open to expose her holes. You use a glass dildo in her ass and then put the Njoy 2.0 buttplug (weighs 1.31 lbs) in her tight fucking ass. You know what you really want though. To fuck this dumb slut’s ass. You take what you want and become her new boss. *** I use my Njoy 2.0 buttplug for the first time on camera!!!
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Delilah Cass – SEDUCING MY DAD HD 1080p

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Daddy’s Girl, Daddy, OLDER MAN / YOUNGER WOMAN, ROLE PLAY

This was a custom video that James and I worked really hard on and is probably our best boy girl roleplay video to date. It is a dad/daughter movie night while my mom is dreaming and each night gets progressively more risky. I wear sexier outfits each night and tease my dad and try and seduce him until he finally gives in to me. The final sex scene is shot in my “parents” room while my mom is lying down next to us. Creampie ending with some of the most passionate, loving dad daughter sex you can find. There is a cute final scene that ties everything together and we love this movie and hope you do too.

There is light feet play, with shots of my feet in focus and a foot massage during the movie nights. This video includes ELEVEN different scenes including two hot tub scenes(day and night), solo masturbation w/ voiceover of my thoughts, my dad resisting and me trying to seduce and tease him every chance I get. This video is very heavy on the erotic teasing and tense sexual build up to the sex scenes. There is a sex scene during the second movie night with grinding action and my dad inserting my buttplug and hot seat fucking on the couch. We use our sex doll as my mom, with me doing light voiceover for her throughout the video. The doll isn’t involved sexually at all during this movie, just more of a prop to play up the roleplay and taboo aspect. We even wrote original music for this video. This video was shot with almost all scenes having two different angles.

We spent an enormous amount of time bringing this fantasy to life and consider it an erotic taboo masterpiece. xoxo
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Delilah Cass – Loser Cuck Ryan Pays To See Me Fuck HD 1080p

This was a custom. You are loser Ryan getting cucked by the beautiful Goddess Delilah. 35 minutes of verbal torment at your expense while you watch me fuck and suck an alpha cock. I tease you solo, then with my alpha cock laughing how stupid you are thinking his big dick would fit in the cock cage YOU paid for. If you really wanna make it hurt, DM me for my cash app $$ Tags: redhead goddess delilah beautiful clothed female blowjob blow jobs facial facials curly hair femdom female domination verbal humiliation cuck loser cuckold cucking domming domme

Keywords: delilah cass, femdom sex, female dom, loser, middle finger, loser symbol, cucking, cuck, dumbass, verbal, redhead goddess, redhead, clothed female, blowjob, facial.
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Delilah Cass – Deflowering The Princess HD 1080p

Creampie Fairy Tales Impregnation Fantasy Princess Taboo

In this fantasy, Delilah is a beautiful princess about to be wed to the handsome hero conquering her father’s kingdom. Her father made sure Delilah would be wed to this new Prince to continue the royal bloodline. Delilah is so nervous after hearing this news from her father but she knows this what is meant for her. She was meant to be the Queen, after her mother. Her father tells her to get ready so Delilah runs off to her favorite part of the castle. Delilah goes to the royal garden to think of her new life. She was going to be the Queen!! This castle she has known all her life, is all hers… She will run this kingdom with the new King. Delilah couldn’t help but wonder how handsome he would be. Delilah heads up the stairs to the royal bath to finish preparing her young, fertile body for her new King. She sits in the bath and runs the water over her supple, breasts. She can’t wait to see her King. She is getting more excited and knows it is time to put her prettiest dress on for him. Delilah heads to the royal courtyard and sits on the swing, awaiting her King. She looks up to see King James. He is so handsome. He takes her hand and kisses it. He sits next to her and looks at her. “You are so beautiful. May I kiss you?” “Yes,” whispers Delilah. They kiss and it’s like fireworks shooting off. James leads her to the royal bedroom after their first meet to prepare to be wed. They are wed that night and everyone in the kingdom is introduced to their new royal family. It is now time for Delilah and James to seal their marriage in the royal bedroom. Delilah and James are sitting on the bench in front of their four poster bed. Delilah is very shy. This is her first time losing her virginity. She knows she is ovulating and could become pregnant with the first heir to the throne. James slowly kisses Delilah and brushes her white gown off her shoulders, exposing her milky, white breasts. He grabs them, licks them, kisses them with everything he has. After James explores Delilah’s upper body, he asks Delilah to get on her knees and give him oral sex. Delilah does not know entirely what she is doing at first but is eager to learn to please her new husband. She gets on her knees and is very submissive to all of the King’s requests. After pleasing and exploring his cock with her mouth, he picks her up and throws her on the bed. Delilah is giggling, loving being the Queen and experiencing her first time with him. He lies her on the bed to once again explore her body with his mouth and tongue, now reaching her virgin vagina. Delilah enjoys his touch and tongue. James is ready to penetrate Delilah for the first time, both of them moaning in pleasure as his cock pushes into her womb. “So warm and wet,” Delilah exclaims. They make love in missionary, doggy, Delilah riding James and back to missionary for James to impregnate his new wife. James moans load as he unloads his semen inside her. James falls beside her as Delilah feels the sticky wetness between her legs. “You have most certainly impregnated me, my king.” Delilah talks about her love for her new husband and how she cannot wait to have multiple royal offspring to take over more kingdoms than her father. This arouses her king once more and he fills her again before they collapse and fell to rest. Word spreads of their voracious appetite for sex. They make love all over the castle, exploring their fantasies with each other. At last, Delilah become pregnant with an heir to their kingdom. Celebration radiates throughout the kingdom late into the night of the news from the royal family. Delilah, the once innocent princess, is now the Queen. Tags: redhead redheads red hair fairy tail location shoot castle castles real life fairytale princess princesses queen queens king kings prince princes wedding sex boy girl hairy bush hairy red bush hairy pussy lingerie outfit changes multiple cameras multiple cumshots creampies multiple creampies cream pies cream pie dripping wet wet and messy castle porn fairytale porn exotic fantasy doggystyle doggy cowgirl riding butt boobs grabbing boobs bouncing boobs licking boobs
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