Cristi Ann

Cristi Ann in Seducing My Daddy

From: Bare Back Studios

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Daddy’s Girl, Daddy, OLDER MAN / YOUNGER WOMAN, ROLE PLAY, Blonde

Scene One: Mom is in the Shower

Daughter runs into the living room wearing only a robe. She tells him, “Quick, Mom’s in the shower.” Cristi pulls her robe open and pulls her Daddy’s boxers off. Her arms are wrapped around him. They kiss each other very hard during this. Daughter hears the water turn off and she quickly runs away before Daddy can finish.

Scene Two: Dirty Dancing Daughter

Dad is sitting on the living room couch. Daughter comes in dressed either very trashy/ chic or in a shorts/tank top thing. She is carrying a speaker. She very shyly asks, “Daddy can I do something for you?” She plays a song and begins to strip. When the song finishes and she is completely naked she crawls over to him. Dad comes over and gets on top of her and they have sex.

Cristi has always wanted to taste the Cum of her Daddy and begs for him to cum in her mouth. Knowing Mom no longer swallows he gladly finishes in his daughter mouth. Cristi swallows every drop and thanks her favorite Daddy.

Scene Three: I will Help You

Dad and Daughter are finishing up Breakfast. Dad says, “That was great honey, I’ll help you clean up.” They start to clean up but after a minute their eyes meet and stare at each other for a moment. She looks away but he gently takes her by the chin and guides her face to where she is looking at him again. The look at each other again and kiss very gently. He picks her up and places her on the table where they undress, he goes down on her and they make love very gently and romantically. Mostly in the missionary position. Lots of passionate and open mouth kissing.

Scene Four: Mom is Sleeping

He picks her up and carries her into his bedroom where they undress, he goes down on her and they make love very gently and romantically. They mostly stay in the missionary position. Lots of passionate, open mouth kissing, no moving around having sex in a bunch of different positions.

Scene Five: The Next Morning

The next morning. They are sleeping under the covers. He wakes up and she is staring at him. He asks what she’s looking at and pokes her in the nose playfully. They look at each other and he says, “Last night was incredible. I’ve wanted that to happen for a long time.” She says, “Me too.” They begin to kiss, he gets on top of her for a minute. He gets off of her and gently guides her onto all fours and they have sex doggy style, at first slowly then very, very vigorously.

Scene Six: Daughter Loves it Rough

Daughter is coming out of her bathroom in her bathrobe. Dad is standing there, he grabs her and practically shoves you back in the bathroom. Physically he turns her around and bends you over the couch, lifts up or yanks down whatever and has rough sex with her very quickly and very roughly. In the end, Cristi begs for her Daddy to cum in her mouth…
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Cristi Ann, Cory Chase in Parental Guidance

Mother / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas Girl, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER WOMAN, Role play, Blonde, Lesbian, Girl on girl, POV, Threesome, Anal, Ass to Mouth

Scene One: How to keep a boyfriend

What a day Cristi says coming home from school. She explains to her mom that she’s having boyfriend problems. He’s going to dump me if I don’t have sex with him She explains. She’s worried that she will be terrible in bed. Cory understands her daughter and only wants to help. I really love him She tells her mom. Cory asks her to show how she kisses him.

I’m not judging you. I’m here to help you Cory tells her. They begin to kiss and Cory gives her advice. You should spread your legs when he kisses you Cory tells her sliding her hand between her daughters legs. Cristi lets out a little nervous moan at her mom’s touch of her sensitive pussy. Then he gets on top of you and gropes you, and all you have to do is lay back and enjoy it She says opening up her daughter to a world of sexuality. Oh god mom Cristi moans as her mom takes off her shirt and rubs her cute little pink panties. Give me a show Cory tells her slapping her ass and making her stand and take off her panties.

Cristi takes off her mom’s shorts and explores her body. She’s never looked at another girl like this before. Cory wants to show her daughter what real pleasure is like. She bends down and slides her tongue along Cristi’s pussy making her scream for her mom and cum for the first time. Do you want to try it on me?

Cristi is instructed on just how to seduce someone. She licks her mom’s pussy and tits as Cory guides her mouth. Cory builds up to a great orgasm from her daughters cute little tongue. Oh you gave mom such a good orgasm She moans. Thank you for teaching me. Mom you’re the best. Cristi says as they kiss. She goes to call her boyfriend who has no idea what he’s in for!

Scene Two: Staying a Virgin

My mom gave me some really good advice Cristi tells you. She pulls up her lacy white bra for you to feel her perfect young breasts, moaning at your touch. Your hands feel so good on my breasts she whispers, nervous to get topless for the first time.

Cristi gives you a strip show showing off her new pink thong and her gorgeous young body. Ok I know we’ve never done it before but… I’m going to give you head. I’m so nervous and excited She tells you. She rubs your dick on her face, not sure what she’s suppose to do with it. You tell her to put it in her mouth and she’s not sure about it. She licks it and sucks it tentatively but she can’t do it. I need to stay a virgin She tells you but doesn’t want you to be angry. You can stick it in my butt?

I trust you Cristi tells you and spreads her legs. She needs to stay a virgin but doesnt want you to break up with her so she will let you put it in her ass. Her ass is so tight that you can’t get it in and Cristi doesnt know what she’s doing wrong. That’s when Cory walks in. Hi mom! Cristi says embarrassed. Cory see’s what the problem is and decides to help them.

Cory oils up her daughters ass and your cock to get you both ready. She guides you in and rubs her daughters pussy as you thrust in and out. I can’t believe your in my ass Cristi moans. You’re cock slips out and you bring your cock to her mouth. Cristi slides her mouth around you and sucks. I’m doing it mom! She shouts. She gets on all fours and lets you fuck her ass from behind.

Cristi is moaning as you fuck her and Cory wants to get in on her daughters action. She slides underneath her daughter and licks her pussy as she gets fucked in the ass. You slide your cock from the daughters ass into the mothers mouth and back again, fucking everything. Cory tells her daughter that it’s time to ride him.

You lay down and Cristi slides her tight ass down on top of you. Cory helps her fuck you hard and fast. The girls moan for you, Cory sucking on your cock and helping you fuck her daughters ass. You better not cum inside of me, cum in my mom’s mouth Cristi tells you as you fuck her to the edge. You shoot your big load all over the mom’s mouth and show Cristi what cum looks like. Cory wants her daughter to know what it tastes like so she kisses her, pushing the cum into the little girls mouth. They kiss and eat your cum. I’m so happy I could help you guys out Cory says. Thank you mom Cristi kisses.
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Cristi Ann in I Want to be a Good Girl Daddy

From: Bare Back Studios

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Daddy’s Girl, Daddy, OLDER MAN / YOUNGER WOMAN, ROLE PLAY, Blonde, Cum in mouth, Anal, ATM, Ass to mouth, stockings, Busty / Big tits

Scene One: Past curfew

Cristi breaths a sigh of relief as she quietly closes the door behind her. It’s 6 in the morning and she’s been out all night. Little does she know that her dad has been waiting up for her all night. Dad I just wanted to have fun. Everyone was at that party She tries to explain. He drags her to the living room for her punishment while she whines. Dad please. He begins by spanking her plump ass, but if she’s going to act like a slut he’s going to treat her like a slut.

He slides his finger inside her and Cristi screams I’m sorry daddy, please! Stop dad. Pulling off her hot pink shorts he makes her spread her legs and rub herself while sucking on her fingers. Cristi is humiliated and embarrassed by her punishment, having to masturbate in front of her dad. I promise I’ll never do it again she moans.

Scene Two:Kicked out of school

Dad I need you to sign something Cristi says. Basically I’m suspended from school She tries to explain that her dress code violation really wasn’t a big deal. He yells that she’s dressed like a slut and tells her to take off her inappropriate clothes. I would really like my daughter to not get suspended from school He tells her as she strips naked.

I hate to have to do this to you He tells her and takes her hand, making Cristi stroke him. Her eyes are filled with anger as he puts his hand behind her head and drives her mouth down onto his cock. You need to learn to keep your mouth shut. Do you understand? He asks her, grabbing her large breasts.

Scene Three: Punished for stealing

Cristi is bored being home all day after getting suspended from school. Just when she would have died from boredom she finds her daddy’s wallet on the couch. He wouldn’t mind if she went shopping she thinks. He walks into the room to find her going through his wallet and becomes infuriated. He makes her take off her clothes to check to see if she’s stolen anything else from him. Come on daddy, you don’t even give me an allowance She pleads with him, taking off her clothes.

He’s going to teach her exactly what it’s like in prison for hot girls who steal. Dad I’m too cute to go to prison She tells him before he pushes her to the couch and thrusts his cock inside her. Her face is pain and anguish while her dad shows her exactly what prison would be like for her. I don’t want to get fucked in prison daddy She cries. He fucks her around the room until he cums deep inside her tight pussy. Then you clean the cock like a good girl He explains making her suck him. Cristi is left to get dressed and think about why it’s wrong to steal.

Scene Four: Anal Virgin

I don’t understand why you’re dressed like . Cristi’s father tells her. She was just about to go to a rave when her dad stopped her. She explains that everyone dresses like this at raves. He’s so mad that he raised a little that he decides to show her how get treated in the world. He bends over his little girl and fingers her tight ass. Cristi pleads with him I’m sorry, I wont go dad.

He takes out his cock and thrusts it down her throat. She’s in so much trouble that she does as her dad says, sucking him like a . Get on your back He demands. I just wanted to go to a party dad. I promise I wont be a Cristi says desperately. He licks his daughters pussy, brutally fingering her ass. Just when she thinks her punishment is over, the fucking begins. Oh daddy stop She moans in pleasure and pain. He fucks her pussy and moves on to fucking her ass. What started out as punishment turns into something else. Daddy, I like being your Cristi moans. Please let me suck my ass off your cock

Cristi is on her knees her face pushed into the couch, her dad continuing her punishment for being a slut, his cock driving hard into her. Fucking her harder than she’s ever been fucked before. Taking her anal virginity and making her moan for more from her daddy. I like being your little She tells him. She closes her eyes tight from the pain and pleasure of the anal fucking.

Yes please, let me suck it again Cristi moans and sucks his hard cock clean and making feel like a whore. Cristi gets on top of him and bounces on the cock in her ass as she rubs her pussy. I love tasting my ass on your cock daddy. It reminds me of what a little slut I am. I’m your little slut Cristi moans. Please cum all over my face and make me lick it off She begs him. He cums all over her face and mouth letting her swallow and suck his cum off his hard dick. The perfect daughter.
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