Chichi Medina

Chichi Medina – Babysitter Chi Chi Medina Edging Footjob HD 720p

Chi Chi Medina the extremely sexy babysitter is a complete brat who always gets what she wants. This cute little brat wants raise from her boss .Chi Chi has a seat by her boss and begins to seduce him. Chi Chi rubs her hand gently over Kyle’s crotch. Kyle immediately gets a hard on and Chi Chi now knows he will be puddy in her hands. Chi Chi gets on her knees and pulls down Kyle’s pants. Chi Chi gently rubs her hands over his cock. Chi Chi knows what her boss really wants. Chi Chi extends her feet over her boss’s cock and slowly glides them up and down his shaft. Chi Chi slow teases his cock with her soft soles making his cock throb. Chi Chi then wraps her bare soles around her boss’s cock and begins to stroke it up and down. Chi Chi slow strokes to make sure He does not cum right away. Chi Chi wants to make sure her raise is big and want to bring her boss to the brink of insanity before he cums. Chi Chi toys with the heads of his cock with her fingers as she jerks his cock with her bare soles. Chi Chi uses a demented edging technique with her feet and hands till her boss cannot take it anymore. Finally Chi Chi boss gives in and shoots his load like never before.Chi Chi Medina shows her boss her cum drenched soles as she gloats about her new raise.

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Chichi Medina, Jasmine Wolff – Chi Chi Spits Cum on Napping Wife HD 720p

Jasmine is staying at her family’s house for the holidays with her husband. Chi Chi, her slutty young cousin sneaks into their room after they fall resting and uncovers hubby’s cock. He wakes up but she quietly laughs and sushes him and then starts to suck his cock. Hubby is panicked, his wife Jasmine is napping right next to him and the whole house is full her s family and here he is with his rock hard cock in little cousin Chi Chi’s young mouth.

Chi Chi is mercilessly enjoying his fear and now that he is rock hard she gits on top and rides him as if she doesn’t care if Jasmine wakes up. She cums, and then gets off him laughing, she then sucks his cock again until he loses his load in her mouth AND THEN SHE SPITS THE WAD OF CUM ON NAPPING JASMINE.

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