Chastity Lynn

Chastity Lynn, Princess Ellie Idol – FUCKING YOUR WIFE’S BEST FRIENDS HD 1080p

Your frumpy wife’s best friends have invited you over to hookup while she’s out of town. It’s unusual for her to leave you home alone since she’s so clingy and insecure so this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get your dick wet with women you’re actually attracted to. You’re obviously much too sexy for your wife. Not only are you hot as fuck but you’ve got a monster-sized cock they’ve heard all about just aching to be used! These two backstabbing bitches want you for themselves tonight and they’re not going to let a thing like marriage stand in the way of good sex! So, are you ready to cheat on your hag of a wife with her “best friends”? First, they take your growing erection in their mouth and begin sucking it way better than your wife EVER has. Ellie then lays down on her back and takes you inside of her in a missionary position. They don’t even want you to wear a condom when you enter their horny little slits. Can you believe you’re having a threesome with two hot women at once? After such a boring sex life within your marriage, this is almost surreal! Chastity mounts Ellie and you take your dripping wet cock from Ellie’s tight cunt to Chastity’s. They both feel incredible! Maybe it’s the cheating that makes it so much more exciting. Now, which of these homewrecking sluts is going to be the recipient of a massive cream pie? When your wife has loved ones like this, who needs enemies?

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