Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston, Rachael Cavalli – Two Moms, One Step-Son HD 1080p

From: Conor Coxxx Clips

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Conor returns home from college to be welcome by his two bisexual mommies (Chanel Preston and Rachael Cavalli), dressed only in sexy lingerie. They all briefly hug before Rachael has to leave for work, leaving Conor and Chanel all alone. Chanel tells her step-son just how much she has missed him, especially their secret games together. She starts kissing Conor passionately, removing her bra and thong, and letting her baby baby suck on her tits while she asks if he missed step-mommy’s pussy. “I know I’m your favorite Step-Mommy because this pussy is the one that gave birth to you. And no step-mommy is going to fuck your little face with it until I cum.” Step-Mommy Chanel then sits on her step-son’s willing face and rides it as he eats her sweet, wet pussy. She grinds and cums on his face several times before she finishes and leaves as she hears Step-Mommy Rachael arrive home..

Step-Mommy Rachael then enters the room, and is all alone with her step-son, Conor. “Now Step-Mommy has a chance to catch up with her baby boy.” As it turns out, Conor has been having an affair with Step-Mommy Rachael which Step-Mommy Chanel knows nothing about! Step-Mommy Rachael decides to have some kinkier fun, and ties Conor to the bed which kissing and talking dirty to him. “I want you to suck on Step-Mommy’s wet cunt until she cums. Step-Mommy wants to cum all over her baby boy’s face.” She removes her bra and thong, then straddles his face and rides it, cumming multiple times..

Step-Mommy Chanel then enters and is shocked to find their baby boy with Step-Mommy Rachael. She unties Conor, and he explains to them that he loves fucking both of his mommies, and loves them both equally. This leads to a very passionate family threesome, with one step-mommy riding Conor’s face and the other ride his big cock. The Mommies swap positions and cum multiples times before their baby boy finishes on their yearning tits. “Step-Mommy can’t wait for our next fauxcest fuckfest.”
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