Cat Morris

Cat Morris – Teach Me Uncle Dave

From: Taboo Diaries

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I Want To Lose My Virginity

Dear Journal
I wanted to go to Florida for the summer so I asked my Aunts if I could come down. When I got there I started having really strange feelings for my Uncle Dave. One afternoon when my Aunt was gone I decided to take Iaction. I had read about many ways to seduce a man. I really hope they work.
I started talking to my Uncle and shyly let my feelings slip which luckily for me seemed to create a bulge in Uncle Daves pants. Next thing you know I have his beautiful cock in my hands and mouth. It was soo much better than I imagined. After sucking on it for quite awhile I had to feel it inside me and Uncle Dave was more than ready. To loosen me up he sucked on my nipples and played with my pussy. God it felt awesome.
I straddled his cock and eased it into my wet slit. It hurt a bit but after I got used to it I had my first Amazing orgasm. I rode his hard cock for awhile then Uncle Dave flipped me on my back and fucked me hard. Next thing I knew he blew a huge load in my pussy which freaked me out since I’m not on the pill.

Dear Journal
A few days later I caught Uncle Dave alone in the kitchen and was really hungry for his cock. He lovingly obliged and filled my waiting mouth with his hot jizz, mmmm it was good. A few days later I discovered I was pregnant. Soon my Aunt discovered our affair and left us to have our own family.
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