Carmela Clutch

Carmela Clutch – Impregnating My Latina Stepmom Complete HD 720p

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This is the full and complete series called Impregnating My Latina Stepmom, this series stars Carmela Clutch.

Part 1
I had just got back from school when i found my new sexy latina stepmom Carmela in the kitchen looking upset. i tried to make some small talk but finally asked if everything was ok and she said no. she told me that her and my dad had been trying to have a new little one but after seeing a doctor they found out my dad had a low sperm count. she said they were going to keep trying but the odds weren’t good, she said things had been getting bad with the stress of getting her pregnant. she said if things didn’t change they would probably get divorced, she was a awesome stepmom and that was the last thing i wanted. i told her i was here if she needed anything, i loved her and would do what ever i could to make sure they didn’t get divorced. she thanked me and the it was like a light turned on for her, she told me that she need strong young healthy sperm to get her pregnant. she said my dad wouldn’t use a sperm donor but if i were to give her my sperm then my dad wouldn’t know and the Little one would look like him. i was shocked that she would think of something like that but after i thought about it it seemed like a solid idea. i agreed, she smiled, thanked me and hugged me. she gave me a sample cup and said she needed to have my sperm tested before moving forward, she told me to go into the bedroom and get her a sample. after a few minutes i covered up and called her in, i told her i was having trouble and couldn’t cum. i guess there weirdness of it all was just to much for me. she reminded me that she really needed this to keep our family together, she got a serious look on her face and then i could tell she had made a decision. she reminded me that this whole thing was gonna be our secret and i agreed then she said something that really shocked me. she offered to lend me a hand in getting her a sperm sample. i was super nervous but i agreed and then she pulled the blanket down that was covering my lower body. she spent the nest couple minutes jerking me off into a cup. things were getting weird with my sexy Latin stepmom but I’m still happy to help her get pregnant.

Part 2
It had been a few weeks since my sexy latina stepmom Carmela had taken my sperm sample to get tested. so i wasn’t really thinking about that when i walked in the front door when i came home from school. Carmela was waiting for me in the kitchen with a big grin on her face, i said hi and she told me she had exciting news. she told me that my sperm test results came back and i had some really strong swimmers. she said i could defiantly get her pregnant and it just so happened that she just started ovulating today. i told her that was great and asked her if we needed to head to a clinic. she got a nervous look on her face and told me to follower into the bedroom and i did. once in the bedroom she reminded what we were doing had to be kept secret, if my dad found out he would divorce her and she knew i didn’t want that. she told me if we went to a clinic the my dad would find out and it would cost more then her and my dad could afford. she said if we wanted to get her pregnant then we would have to do it the old fashion way, she saw the look of shock on my face but before i could say anything she started explaining. she said that yes we would be having but it would be really clinical, i would take my pants off and get on the bed she shares with my father. then she would take her panties off but keep her dress on and sit down onto my penis. we would stay in that position with her grinding until until i came inside of her. i agreed and we got started, first she look uncomfortable and she told me i was bigger then my dad and it took her a minute to get use to the girth if my dick then she started to ride. she told me to just let it go and cum but instead i held back for a long time and as the minutes went by she started having reluctant orgasm and orgasm. she couldn’t control herself and after i realized she had came more since he started having sex then with anyone else before me i came deep inside of her. she collapsed onto me breathing heavily and told me go job and told me to get started on my home work before my dad got home from work.

Part 3
When i got home from school my stepmom Carmela was waiting for me, she stopped me in the kitchen to chat. she thanked me for helping her get pregnant and mentioned she was still ovulating today and really wanted to make sure she got pregnant so she asked if i was up for another round? i eagerly agreed and followed her into the bedroom. she told me today would be a little different, she said for next few hours we were gonna forget that we were mother and son and instead i was just her bull who was going to impregnate her. she told me to take my clothes off and get on the bed then she started stripping for me. once she was completely naked she crawled up on to the bed and started sucking my dick. after she got me rock hard we spent the rest of the afternoon fucking and cuming!
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Carmela Clutch – YOUR FATHER IS BORING IN BED HD 1080p

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I know she’s up to something. My stepmom Carmela Clutch is at a hotel and my dad is not there. I’m watching her as she tries on her lingerie and slaps her own plump ass. She hears me in the room, I’ve been caught! But it’s not like she is innocent either. She tells me her sex life with my dad is not the most exciting and she needs this to keep up appearances. I (Johnny Love) tell her I have a crush on her. It seems like a win/win situation. My stepmom spreads her legs and lets me finger her horny pussy. She slurps and slobbers all over my cock, before moving to my asshole for a rimjob! I penetrate her MILF pussy and begin to fuck her hard, making her cum all over her stepson’s stiff dick. She’s a freak! I fuck her hairy pussy from behind and cover her mouth as she moans in pleasure. My stepmom lets me jerk my cock and release my cum all over her pretty face. Definitely not boring sex!
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Carmela Clutch – Birthday Morning Surprise From My Stepmom HD 720p

From: WCA Productions

Stepmother / Stepson Incest, Taboo, Family Fantasies, Stepmom, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Cougar, Mommas boy, STEP-MOM, Older Woman / Younger Man, Dad’s Wife / Husband’s Son, ROLE PLAY, step mother, step son, step mommy, POV, Busty / Big tits

It was the day before my birthday when i got home from school and found my super sexy stepmom Carmela doing the dishes. We made small talk and she asked if i was excited about my birthday tomorrow, i said of course i was especially since my step-dad was going to be home from his work trip. she got a sad look on her face but said it would be great if he came home but she was happy to spend my birthday with me if i wanted. i told her i did and then said i was going to play video games before dinner. when i came down later i found Carmela sipping on a drink and looking really upset. i asked her what was wrong and she told me my step-dad was having an affair with his assistant and he wouldn’t be home for my birthday. i was mad but i could tell Carmela was feeling worse so i hugged her and told her i was happy to at least spend my birthday with her. i opened my eyes the next morning and found Carmela in a rad bath robe shaking my leg and saying my name. i said good morning and asked what she was doing in my room. she told me she wanted to get even with my step-dad and give me the best birthday ever and she thought she could do both at the same time. she dropped her robe and was wearing some sexy red lingerie then she started a slow strip tease and once she was naked it got even more amazing. she crawled up on to the bed between my legs and started sucking my cock! we spent the rest of my birthday fucking each others brains out!
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