Caramel Starr

Caramel Starr – Mommies Hot Bath HD 1080p

From: Taboo Diaries

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Got Even Hotter

Hey Step-Sis,

So I told you about my stepson in the last letter right? Well the next morning I was taking a hot bath after my old man left and I was feeling frisky. When Jason came in and started showering I couldn’t help but tease him. Next thing I knew I was deepthroating his massive cock on the edge of the tub. He got in with me and we started banging. His big cock filled me up and made me scream in orgasm so many times I lost count. Finally I couldn’t take anymore and begged him to cum inside me. I’ll wind up pregnant soon I hope.


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Caramel Starr – Dorm Room Anal HD 1080p

From: Taboo Family Affairs

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Caramel is a black Barbi who loves white cock. Especially in her ASS!

Caramel is moving into her dorm room and her step-brother Robert and step-dad Warren are helping her move in. Robert brings in her last box while his step-dad parks their car. When he sits down Caramel tells him she appreciates his help and she wants to show him how much. Roberts looks confused at his step-sister’s forwardness but like any guy he’s not going to turn down a blowjob. While she sucked on her step-brother’s cock her step-dad walked into her room. “Nice to see you two getting along so well” he laughed. Caramel stops sucking long enough to tell her step-dad she wants his cock also. She shows her step daddy what a great cocksucker she is by deep throating his thick 9” inch dick while he face fucked her. “I want you to fuck my tight black ass with your big white cock step-daddy” she tells him. Warren tries to put his cock in her ass but it is VERY tight. He has to use anal toy and butt plug to loosen her asshole up for his thick dick. Once his cock is inside her it doesn’t take much fucking her tight hole before he shoots 4 big cum streams across her black bubble ass. She finishes blowing her step-brother Robert and takes a facial from him before they leave. “I love being a cum dumpster for white cock” she says with a cum covered smile.
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