Brandi Belle

MILF 793 – Brandi Belle Breaks the Morals Clause HD 720p

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Rachel was well provided for by her late husband’s estate but she despised her two stepchildren. They were now due their first trust payment. Rachel had inserted a strict morals clause into their trust fund. After having them meet with the attorney, she took them away for a few days, isolated from their comfortable preppy lifestyle. She even took their phones. The were furious but they wanted their money and they had to get along with Rachel. Little did they know what she had up her sleeve! Rachel had the owner plant a dirty magazine in Mike’s room and a vibrator in Brandi’s room. The idea is to get them both so horny they end up together. Rachel walked in Mike’s room with a robe on. She asked him how he was getting on. He sat quiet, he had been stroking it to the magazines. Rachel opened up her robe wearing stockings, garter, heels and a tiny lace bra. Mike‘s eyes roamed over her perfect body. Although she was mid forties she still rocked. Rachel saw him blush, just enough to tease him she thought. She closed her robe and laughed on the way out. Rachel’s plan was going nicely. She checked in on Brandi who was masturbating with the vibrator and quickly hid it when Rachel came in. Rachel assured her all would be well. After a week of no television, cell phones, video games or other people, Brandi and Mike began to weaken. Rachel continued to leave sexual aids around for them to find making them hornier each day. She knew they would break soon so she planted a video camera in the closet of Brandi’s room to capture them on film. Finally Mike went to his step-sister’s room to talk. Brandi was masturbating with the vibrator when he walked in. They both confessed how bored and frustrated they were. Brandi was wearing the lingerie Rachel planted for her. Looking sexy, Mike’s cock grew in his jeans. Brandi’s clit was still throbbing. Mike suggested they fool around to relieve the pressure. Rachel would not find out and they could make it through another week. She began to suck his cock until he could not take it. He opened her legs and slid it in her. Brandi tried to keep her moans down. They fucked away all the tension. Mike finally blew his load across her face. Just then Rachel walked in. She saw Brandi’s cum covered face. She laughed and opened the closet, revealing the video camera. Rachel reminded them of the morals clause. They lost everything, Rachel was rich and rid of her wicked stepchildren!
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