Big Booty Bailey

Big Booty Bailey / BigBootyBailey, Emma Paige – Double Penetrated By Emma’s Step Bro

Double Penetrated by Emma’s step bro after he catches Emma & I fucking! Then one of us gets a creampie surprise that we lick clean

Emma’s step brother walks in on Emma fucking me with a strap on (we were having a lot of fun). He said he would tell my parents and Emma’s parents if we didn’t let him play with us, so he starts fucking Emma. He fucks Emma doggy as she lays on top of me making out with me and playing with my tits. Then it’s my turn Emma gets on bottom, I sit on top of her so she can put her dick in my ass and have her brother fuck my pussy stretching out both my holes at the same time (it feels so good and I love the close up view you get of my pussy & ass gripping both cocks). Then I get flipped over and Emma shoves her dick in my pussy while her step bro fucks my tight asshole in doggy. After my ass gets filled, I hop on top of Emma and ride her cowgirl as her step bro penetrates her pink pussy And it feels so good that I start rubbing my clit and before you know it I cum HARD all over Emma’s cock I spin myself around and put Emma’s cock in my ass and have her step bro fuck my pussy again! I LOVE the incredible pov’s you get of both my holes being stuffed – its so hot I get flipped over AGAIN and her step bro sticks his thick cock BACK in my ass while Emma stuffs my pussy! After getting both my holes stuffed, Emma and I give her bro a double bj licking his shaft on either side and kissing each other at the top of his cock We take turns deepthroating his cock then I get on bottom, Emma gets on top and her step bro shoves his cock in Emma’s pussy then my pussy over and over again! Then you get to see Emma’s hot body get fucked missionary while she sits on top of me and her step bro goes back and forth between our pussy’s again! I love the sounds we make as we get fucked hard! We sound so delicious We suck his cock some more then both go for a ride I go first and Emma helps me bounce up and down on his cock giving you two INCREDIBLE pov’s (front and back) where you can see my amazing pussy lip grip. Then its Emma’s turn and she fucks him reverse cowgirl then cowgirl! Then her bro continues to fuck one of us and cums in one of our pussys! It drips out onto his cock and it looked really delicious so I started licking his cum of his cock and Emma joined too – stepbro stepsis threesome family fantasy

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