Bella Roland

Bella Roland – Loving step-sister wants to help relieve step-brother HD 720p

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Hey man, I know you are going through a lot and I just wanted to check and see how you are doing. You just seem kind of down and being your step-sister, I just wanna help if you need to talk it out… I just want you to know I’m here for you. I didn’t want to be the one to tell you this but that girl you have been dating, well she kind of a loser. All she’s done is cause you stress, and make you like all pent up and grouchy. I mean, you could do so much better than her. I mean there is a lot you can do to reduce your stress. I mean I heard, for example, masturbating is a great stress reliever. I mean you don’t have to do it in front of me, but as your step-sister, I am willing to help you with that. What do you think? Can I give you a hand? Go ahead and lay down for me. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone okay?

I begin taking your pants off as I straddle your legs. I heard this is really good for stress and tension release. I rip your pants and underwear off. Oh my gosh, it’s so big, and so hard for me. I begin sucking your cock. This is gonna be so good for you, you will see. You are going to feel so much better after I’m done with you. I keep sucking. I sit up and begin stroking your cock in both my hands. You know what else I heard is supposed to be really good for stress relief? I think I read it in a book or something… but I heard looking at tits is supposed to help. Don’t laugh! I’m serious. I pull my shirt off over my head and let my big beautiful breasts fall out of my shirt. I continue to stroke your cock and press myself against you. I’ll have you done thinking about that stupid girl and second now. In fact, another thing that is a great distraction is… I pull my skirt down revealing my long legs and toned ass. You like that don’t you? I shake it for you while you rub your cock. Then I reach behind me and pull my panties to the side before pulling them all the way off. I spin around and lean in close to your cock. I just wanna take care of my step-brother. From now on I can help you with this whenever you need. I keep stroking your cock up and down. Oh fuck, you are so fucking hard for me. Oh my god this is gonna be just what the doctor ordered. I feel it getting closer and closer. You wanna unload all of your problems on me? I keep stroking until you shoot cum all over me! Oh yes! Don’t you feel better already?
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