AstroDomina – HUMAN DILDO HD 720p

This Hentai book is just not helping at all. It’s making me all hot and bothered! I need to fuck right here, right now! It’s always good to have a human dildo, just like my slave over here. A few gentle dick strokes and he is ready to go. Dildos you get from the sex shop just feels so unnatural at times! It’s not doing it for me. And I always love to my slaves, including the ones who hate being used as a human dildo. They’re just gonna have to suffer some major rug burns!

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AstroDomina – SIBLING SEX HD 1080p

[Video also includes cuckolding, taboo, doggystyle, femdom sex, riding, cowgirl, fucking, AstroDomina.] Hi hunnybuns! I made this special video just for you to show our new sex toy! How could you not come home to me? You were supposed to be here today but you decided to extend your lame tour. So I wanted to show you how much you’re missing out. I asked my brother to record this demo and be my stunt cock just for you. He was nice enough to make it very thorough. This dick could have been yours hunny, but you’re gonna have to wait until you get back. Enjoy my awesome demo video! Kisses!”

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I know just what you need to fall resting my boy. Come closer, take off your pants and let step-mommy take care of you. You walk into your step-mommy’s room complaining that you can’t relax. She’s just reading a book in her super revealing night-gown. Of course step-mommy will help, she always knows what to do and she offers to help. Do you need milk? Do you need a bedtime story? What is it? She can see that being around her seems to get you aroused. Oh, well she knows what to do now. She speaks softly to you and tells you to get undressed and sit down. Obviously you’re just turned on and need a little help from her. She reaches down and starts rubbing you. Does that feel good? Of course it does, and having her do it just makes it all more of an amazing experience. She teases you and caresses you with her hands but also allows you to take over once in a while so you can jerk it for her. She likes watching you jerk for her and can tell it turns you on as well. She switches back and forth between using her hand and having you jerk, until finally you explode all over for her. There you go, that should help you rest now!

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AstroDomina – STEP-MOMMY’S CURE HD 1080p

You’re sick in bed but fortunately your Step-Mommy Sydney is here to take care of you. She’s giving you something to feel better when suddenly she notices you have a little hard on. At first she’s upset. This has become a thing with you, she’s noticed, and decides the best way to deal with it is to just let you stroke to her until you don’t want to anymore. She shows you her lingerie under her robe, cooing you sweetly and encouraging you to jerk. remember though, this is for your own good, you need to learn to control your little hard-ons. She leans in and tells you to look at her breasts, she gets really close so you can see them in their full glory. She knows how much you love them, and she loves helping you like this. You had better do what Step-Mommy says and rub yourself. You don’t want to disobey your Step-Mommy right?!

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Step-brother / Step-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Step-Siblings, Stepbro, Stepsis, Stepsister, Stepbrother, Role play, step brother, step sister, sisters, POV, Blowjob

Your stepsister Sydney walks into your room complaining about her classes. She has a lot of school work to do. You remind her of your arrangement. And of course you’ll hold up your end of the bargain. As long as she keeps giving you blow jobs on demand, you’ll happily do all of her homework. You admire Sydney’s ass as she pulls down her pants. And without any hesitation she gets to work. Licking your balls and the inside of your thighs and slowly working her way up to your dick. You’re pretty lucky to have a stepsister as hot as Sydney who’s ready to make deals like this.
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We return to the scene of the first episode in Sydney’s bedroom, and she’s finally lying down after a long day, and soon she’s out like a light. But of course, when Sydney is away Max, her evil dominant fun side emerges to play! Max is stoked to be waking up again, she’s been waitingg to give her sister half the night pleasures she really needs! You can see through Max’s poing of view as she teases Sydney’s body, caressing her legs and hot ass, which of course is also Max’s ass! Nobody knows how to pleasure themselves like their dark half! Max straps on a huge black dildo now and talks directly to Sydney. She knows she wants this.. who else would other than the demoness living in the dark regions of your mind!? Watch now to witness the nefarious plans Max has for her innocent sister side with her huge black strap-on!
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AstroDomina – THE CRAZY EX HD 1080p

Asian Handjob POV

Some people call me crazy. Meh, let’s just say I always get what I want, even if my ways are rather unconventional. ———- This is a custom clip with name. You are confused. You wake up and notice that your legs are tied up. By the ankles, and the legs. You can’t move. The only thing you can do is watch your ex-girlfriend Sydney hover over you. She looks fierce and not in the mood for pleasantries. Why did she tie you? You can’t even remember her being at the house. But here you are. And here she is. Sydney wants an explanation as to why you broke up with her. She claims she’s the perfect woman for you. And she has a game she wants to play with you. It’s very simple. Sydney is about to milk you. If you don’t cum she’ll let you go. But if you cum, you have to stay with her forever. And then she gets to work. She pours a generous amount of lube on your dick and you can’t help but get turned on by the looks of your gorgeous ex. You try to fight it but let’s be honest, it’s not a fair game
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AstroDomina – BOOTCAMP BITCH 4 HD 1080p

Asian POV Blowjob

Only good, obedient slaves who follow all of Sydney’s orders deserve a treat. If this is you of course, get ready to reap the rewards for your hard work. Goddess Sydney is still sweating after her last workout and has her stud with her now and is going to treat you to an up front and close up view of her giving him a blowjob. She will however, allow you to jerk off to it.

Of course you’re not the one receiving it so you’re just going to have to be satisfied with being cucked right in front of your eyes. She teases you and humiliates you throughout, making sure you pay attention to her dick sucking skills, knowing that would never be your dick. No, this is the closest you’ll ever get, but she knows just how much you love being cucked and teased so this is a huge reward for you!

So get up close and get your cock in hand and get ready to give it a workout as she teases you relentlessly, she will even show you what a volcano is as you jerk your pathetic slave dick. You sure wish it was your cock she was sucking, don’t you? Well too bad you’ll just have to jerk with jealousy, but hey this is a privilege in Sydney’s world so make sure to make the most of it!
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Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Daddy’s Girl, Daddy, OLDER MAN / YOUNGER WOMAN, ROLE PLAY, Asian, POV

If you don’t wanna fuck you dad, then you work around it! Goddess Sydney Max decided to further her twisted relationship with her dad. She told him the weird story of how her mom never wanted her to touch her dad’s dick. But now, it’s all different. Sydney showed her strapon collection to her dad and somehow started to fuck with him but also considering her mom’s wish. If she can’t touch or fuck her dad’s dick, then she’ll work a way around that rule! She attached a strapon to his leg and fucked that instead of hopping on to his manhood. She used her dad’s leg to give herself pleasure and a gave him a show! Talk about being a big fucking tease!
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AstroDomina – CUM THERAPY HD 1080p

POV Asian Handjob Big tits

I have a magic touch. And having my hand around your cock will have you explode in no time.

Sydney is winding down after a long day of seminars in Chicago. Since you are also in town, and desperately in need of a session, you decide to give her a call. As a long time client you feel like you should be able to get in a session when you need one. Sydney demands triple the rate and you can’t say no. After an hour, you show up at Sydney’s hotel to start your session. Sydney tells you to get completely naked and get on the bed. Your erection and ejaculation issues don’t seem to surface when Sydney takes care of your dick. What a peculiar condition you’re in. Sydney skillfully takes care of your dick. Is it her soothing voice? Her wonderful stroke technique? The chemistry the two of you have built up over the years of treatment? Who knows. All you know is that you will be blowing your load once more for your .
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