Aria Banks

Aria Banks – Tight Pink Teenage Pussy Is Gonna Be A Lil Distracting HD 1080p

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Brother-in-law / Sister-in-law Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, In-laws, Role play, Interracial

Tomorrow’s the big day! After all these years of dating, Sasha finally wore me down and I’m bout to get married! I saw all the plans my girl made and it looks like its gonna be epic! But Sasha been soooo busy planning out this wedding that I haven’t seen her at all! Haven’t got no hugs, no kisses, no NOTHING for a while. And lemme tell you, I appreciate everything she doin to plan this while I work…but I miss her. I need her. So I decided to surprise her! Now she DID say she can’t see me before the wedding cuz of tradition and all that other bullsh*t. But I figured out a way around that: a mask! That way we won’t see each other! We don’t live together yet, but she gave me a key to her spot. But when I let myself in to surprise her….I’m the one who gets surprised! My boo Sasha isn’t home…but her teenage step-sister Aria is. Now seeing Aria isn’t a surprise; I’m bout to marry her step-sister, so I been seeing Aria for years….but I’ve never seen Aria like this. Her fuckin hair is pink. This lil girl KNOW how her step-sister is, how her step-sister likes everything to be just right, how her step-sister loves to plan stuff…and Aria, her little step-sister who’s in the wedding has pink hair! LOL! Aria is bout to get disowned! Her step-sister might even beat her up! But her hair isn’t the only thing that caught my attention….I’m guessing lil Aria wasn’t expecting company…cuz when I walked in with the mask on…she was on the phone…sittin there in just a shirt and panties…. I’ve known Aria ever since I started datin her step-sister…and not gonna lie…I’ve been watching her. Thinking about her…about how her cute face would look as she gazes up at me while she struggle to deepthroat my fat black dick. Thinking about how tight her lil teenage pussy is…how she gonna moan as I fill it with inch after inch of BBC. Watching her sit there in her panties…wit her phat bubble booty…it’s makin me forget all about getting married tomorrow…all about the bachelor party tonight…. There’s only one thing on my mind. How am I gonna use this pink hair on Aria to get inside her tight pink pussy.
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Aria Banks – Step-dad, Can You Rub Some Here? HD 1080p

Stepfather / Stepdaughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, DADDY’S GIRL, Stepdad, Older Man / younger woman, Mom’s Husband / Wife’s Daughter, Role play, step father, step daughter, step daddy, Blonde, POV

Incredible! My stepdaughter Aria is a total delinquent. While her step-mother & I were away, she decided to have a few people over which turned into a full blown party, which she did NOT manage to clean up before I got home. She seemed apologetic enough & I think she was trying to get me to feel sorry for her when she told me she got a sunburn and needed some lotion rubbed on it. Well, I read that wrong! She took out her perky little tits, including pierced nipples… I tried to stop her but she saw the bulge in my pants, so clearly there was no turning back. I put my big cock in my stepdaughter’s mouth and she happily sucked on it before I turned her around and fucked her from behind. You can tell when she orgasms on her stepdad’s cock as she shakes and shivers all over. Aria even seemed to like it rough so I choked her a little while I fucked her from on top. She jiggled her cute little bum while she rode her stepdad’s cock until I couldn’t help myself anymore and shot all my cum in her tight little pussy. She won’t be trashing our yard with parties anymore… right??
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Aria Banks – Distraction HD 720p

From: Perfect Girlfriend

Your petite bubble butt teen girlfriend makes you incredibly horny while she’s scrolling on her phone…

***Starring Aria Banks***

Category: 18 & 19 YRS OLD
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