Anna Nicole West

Anna Nicole West – Step-Mom is tired of Not Getting What she Needs HD 720p

I’ve always known my step-mom was kind of slutty. I mean the way she keeps her looks up, the way she dresses, the way she goes on so many dates. She’s as horny as everyone thinks MILFs are. I never thought that would apply to me. She comes home, after having a few or maybe more than a few and stats ranting about the date she went on with the guy her age. Sounds like he couldn’t get it up. That’s fucking nuts, my step-mom is SO HOT! I want to tell her so, but she starts flashing her tits talking about how big and great they are and then lifting her skirt because she needed to get fucked so bad she didn’t even wear panties. I start realizing she wants more than me to be more than someone to talk to about this, she wants me to be the one to DO SOMETHING about it

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