Ally Cooper

Ally Cooper – Head Janitor Mesmerizes Librarian & Fucks Her 4K

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Sean is the Head Janitor at the University. He always has his eye out for an unsuspecting babe that he can control and fuck. He comes across the new Librarian Aly Cooper. She is a total hotty but a total bitch to Sean. She doesn’t dig his country boy charm. It doesn’t matter though because Sean uses his mesmerizing Orb and Mind Controls her. He turns her into a subservient girlfriend and he has his way with her. She sucks his cock like a champ then he bends her over the library table and pounds her from behind. After that she gets on her back in a missionary position and he fucks her tight little pussy. She loves it and cums all over his cock multiple times. Once Sean is done screwing her brains out, he shoots his load deep inside her wet tight warm pussy. Once they get dressed Sean turns back on his Orb and makes her a librarian again. Aly thanks him for cleaning & Sean walks away with a huge grin in search of the next Hotty.

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