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Alluring Ali / AlluringAli25 – Mom Needs Sons Cock HD 1080p

It’s mom’s special day, mother’s day. You are such a sweet son for spoiling mom today. However, you can tell mom is disappointed since her husband isn’t taking her out. What can you do to make her feel better? Mom starts talking dirty, wanting something filling, long, and hard…of course she means massage. She lotions her legs after asking you to, but you just stare since you could have sworn mom was talking about something else. She teases you as she rubs her legs, again, talking dirty and coyly. Eventually, she comes around to saying she wants her son’s cock, especially since she sees that you are worked up. Before you know it, Mom is stripping down and telling you to do the same. She grabs your cock and starting sucking your cock before riding you. Both of you cum, but she begs for you to stay inside. Mom is going to get you hard again. Mom rides and then shows off how much she came all over you. She sucks before telling you to fuck her, show her what a man you have become. Mom gets fucked missionary, even after Father messages her on the computer. Fuck him, her son is pleasing her better than he ever could. Since you have came in Mom’s pussy, Mom wants to swallow your second cum load

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Alluring Ali / AlluringAli25 – Perv Son Seduced By Mother HD 1080p

The scene starts out with mother being in the bathroom. Her son is spying on her through a crack in the door. Mother is naked and decides to use coconut oil to get her body nice and soft before going out for Mother’s Day with her girlfriends. She gets a bit carried away and rubs her clit to orgasm while caressing her oily tits. She remarks that she hopes her son gets his chores done before she turns on the shower head to rinse off. The scene cuts to son in his bedroom looking at a very naughty picture of his mother. She hears Mother calling out for him with pet names. She comes in with a load of laundry. She complains, which her son imagines some naughty innuendos, with the way she words things. He did not have time to get the imagine of his computer. Mother sees what he has been looking at. Those pictures were meant for her dates, not him. After coming to terms with her feelings, realizing she is more surprised and flattered than angry, she is curious to see how far things go. After all, she is surprised that her own son would have these sexual feelings towards her. He is even still hard underneath the covers.. She seduces him with dirty talk and a slow striptease. Then she gives him a hot blowjob before getting on top and riding him. Forbidden lust makes Mother feel so good, she creams all over him. Then, she wants her son to show how much of a man he is. He fucks her in a sideways position before pounding her missionary. Mother begs him to creampie her. Once he does, she cleans off his creamy cock before grabbing her dress and telling him she should be leaving for Mother’s Day festivities. However, maybe he could be dessert when she comes home

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