Alika White

Miss Alika White / MissAlikaWhite – Blackmailed by Step-Mommy HD 1080p

I’ve caught you spying on me while I got ready for a date with him, the man of the house. He is the only real man in this house. You on the other hand, are nothing but a disappointment to him. And I know exactly what you did when you scurried off to your room after watching me getting dressed, and I’m going to tell him all about it. How do you think he’ll react to you doing that to your step-mom? He’ll think you’re a disgusting pervert and kick you out of the house. What, do you think he’ll take your side over mine? Look at my body. He’s not going to jeopardise having this, over you. Everyone will hear about this. You’ll never live it down. OK, I’ll give you one chance so we can keep this as our little secret. But you’ll have to do everything I say. You’re going to like the sound of it actually. You’re going to have to get on your knees and stroke your cock to me. Just like you always wanted to… but there is a catch. Well, a few catches actually.

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