Alice Whyte

Pepper Kester, Alice Whyte – Janitor’s Discovery

While cleaning an office building at night, a janitor finds a mysteriously shaped item covered in a green sheet. He removes the sheet to find five frozen girls. They stand there, vacant, like life-size human dolls. Confused, the janitor waves his hand gingerly in front of their faces. When they show no signs of response, he decides to have a bit of fun with the girls. He poses them and removes their clothing one by one until all 5 girls are nude and posed in the office. Just as he gets all of them naked, he hears a noise, panics, and bolts from the office. – robomeats

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Lily LaBeau, Nickey Huntsman, Alice Whyte – Birthday Surprise

It’s Lilys birthday, and her friends Miles and Rock have gotten her the best gift ever. Knowing Lily likes girls, they picked up two hot chicks for her to play with, when the girls find out why they’ve been brought home, they tell them they are not interested and get up to leave, so Rock timestops them.

The three friends have fun with the girls, stripping and posing them and feeling their sexy bodies, Lily enjoys her gifts and shares them with her friends.

Lily licks ones pussy and Miles fucks her face while Rock gets a hand job from the other one, then they all switch, Lily rides the girls face while Rock fucks her and Miles plays with the other one.

The three friends have an incredibly sexy orgy with the two frozen girls until they all cum, then leave them there for after birthday drinks!

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Alice Whyte – Alice the Sexbot HD 1080p


This video demonstrates the many pleasure programmed features of Skynet’s latest sexbot, the Alice model. Watch as, with the most basic of voice commands, she is ordered to bend over and present her tight love-hole to her master. Her hyper-realistic flesh is warmed by a network of thermocouples, and is embedded with a network of sensors that make exquisitely responsive your touch and she will obey even the most degrading and depraved order without question. No demand is too much, no sex is too rough and no hole is off limits. This sweet beauty exists purely to be used for your pleasure. After fucking her scientifically engineered pussy, this owner has her finish the job in handjob mode, also demonstrating how easily this synthetic slut cleans up, no matter how much gonad gravy one unloads on her.

Fetish Elements:Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Robot, Control, Sex, Handjob, Cumshot, Body Views

Keywords: robots.
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Emma Evins, Alice Whyte – A Thorough Exam HD 720p


Miles is getting an exam from two nurses but he wants a more thorough exam, so he freezes them. He poses them and carries them around, putting them in different positions all around the exam room. He fucks them both, and makes them suck his cock together. He piles them and fucks them from behind, posing them to make them lick each others pussies and touch each others tits while he fucks their frozen bodies. He finally cums in one nurses mouth while shes still frozen solid.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nurse, Role Play, Freeze, Statue, Posing, Fucking, Blow Jobs, Pussy Licking, Drool, Statues, Multiple Girls, Girl on Girl, Threesome.

Category: FREEZE
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