Alice Visby

Alice Visby and Cory Chase in Stretching and Stuck To a Chair HD 1080p

From: Hot Milf and Taboo Fetishes!

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Alice is sitting down in shorts and a tank top, and her back really hurts! Her step-mom, Cory, walks in to the room and she suggests that Alice should try stretching out her back. Cory starts to help Alice out by teaching her some new stretches! Alice dunks her head under the chair and she stretches her body through the chair. Alice tries to move out of this position and she realizes that her head is stuck in the chair! A sneaky smile spreads across Cory’s face, as she walks around the chair. She grabs Alice’s shorts and she pulls her shorts off! She starts to lick Alice’s pussy and eat her pussy out. “Is this helping you get unstuck at all?” Cory giggles. Alice keeps moaning as Cory lifts Alice’s shirt up over her tits. Cory goes back to eating Alice’s pussy out, until Cory decides to switch places. She walks over to where Alice’s head is and Cory puts her own nipple in Alice’s mouth. “How does your step-mother’s breast taste?!” she asks her. “Good!” Alice exclaims. Cory tries to really get Alice unstuck this time… but Cory ends up getting her own head stuck in the chair, next to Alice. Now they have to wait for Luke to come home to help them get free!
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Family time is hard when you have a stepdaughter like Alice Visby. I (Peter Fitzwell) mean we’ve kissed, but nothing else. It being 4th of July doesn’t make it any easier – it’s hot out and she is jus wearing a skimpy bikini. After some fireworks & a group water fight, my wife is totally injured & spent. Off to bed for her! That’s when my stepdaughter asks if we can do more than just kiss… it’s so bad, but that got me hard and one thing led to another and I had my big cock in her mouth. Then I took off her cute panties & spread her ass & rubbed her clit from behind. Her pussy started creaming up when my thick member entered her tight, young hole. She rode her stepdaddy like a big girl, showing off those perky tits & that trimmed bush to me. I got on top of her and fucked her good, I was supposed to cum in her face but nutted all her over tummy & bush instead. Happy 4th of July!
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