Alana Rains

Alana Rains – Friend Timestop

18 year old Alana is at home when her friend Rock comes over to hang out, Alana tells him that she bought a timestop watch and wants to try it out and asks Rock to timestop her, but not to do anything dirty. So he timestops her and starts to pose her, but his horniness gets the better of him and he starts to play with her body. He restarts time and Alana is excited that it worked, so she stops Rock and quickly throws him to the bed and starts sucking his cock, then she strips and fucks him. After cumming all over his cock, she redresses and restarts time, telling Rock to stop her again, he does and starts to play with her body and realizes that his cock is wet, so he strips her and fucks her timestopped body. *Explicit Sexual Content – ROBOMEATS

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