Abigail Angel

Abigail Angel – Art critic’s preposterous performance HD 1080p

Renown art critic Abigail Angel is going to be looking at my works of art to put it into her gallery. But I’m disappointed when she criticizes the nudity in my art, stating it’s only it to be put up in a bathroom. I don’t give up, instead I show her a mesmerizing light which Abigail cannot turn away from. With her mind ensnared I plan to show her what art really is. Abigail is now the Art Tart and has to strip for me, which she does until she is completely naked from head to toe. I examine her supple body before ordering her to do a graceful dance. She obeys and does an artistic performance as she twirls around butt naked. But I’m not done yet, next my Art Tart has to walk around with her arms out like a mindless zombie. I then have her perform a military parade by marching naked. Abigail is then taken out of her trance and is baffled at being in the nude, but I show her my device with the mesmerizing light which has her back in my thrall. It’s time for my Art Tart to achieve her full artistic potential as I use her naked body as a canvas. Having written and drawn degrading things on her, I have her pose for me artistically. We then head to the bedroom so Abigail can suck my cock, then I fuck her over an over until we both orgasm. I then leave her posed naked and on display holding my mesmerising device.

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