Aaliyah Hadid

Aaliyah Hadid – Arabic Step-Sister PUNISHED For DISHONORING Our Family! HD 1080p

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I don’t understand why my step-sister is like this. Our parents are immigrants. Hard working immigrants who sacrificed everything to come to this country! All they ask is we be faithful, respectful and be diligent in school. It is not that hard. SO WHY IS MY STEP-SISTER THE WAY SHE IS????

She skips school. I know she smokes substances she should not. And She dresses like a whore! She is exactly the opposite of what a good woman should be! It drives me insane! It makes me want to THRASH her!

Our parents are seeing some of the effects of it. They have tried to keep Aaliyah in check, to make her behave. But she simply does not listen. And our parents don’t even know everything. I have heard…stories about what Aaliyah does with boys. Filthy…nasty…disgusting stories that I cannot believe are true. If our parents knew….

Aaliyah is disrespectful. She is dishonorable. And she is not going to get away with it anymore. If she comes home late again, dressed like a slut, then I will make CERTAIN that she regrets it.

She will not disrespect me or our family any more! Nothing she says or does will prevent me from teaching her a LESSON!!!
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Aaliyah Hadid in “Making My Step-Sis Do My Chores & Me” HD 1080p

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Step-brother / Step-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Step-Siblings, Stepbro, Stepsis, Stepsister, Stepbrother, Role play, step brother, step sister, sisters, Brunette, HOUSECLEANING, INTERRACIAL, Black, TITS FAKE – ENHANCED, EBONY, POV

Call me an ass, but there is nothing better than having something over someone. And it’s even better when that someone is your step-sister….and you know she has to do everything and anything that you tell her to do!

Just recently I caught my step-sis lying to our Step-Mom and Step-Dad. She told them she was going to rest over at her girlfriend’s house, but really she was napping over at her boyfriend Brad’s house….which our parents would NEVER approve of.

I overheard her phone conversation with Brad earlier that day, so I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me to fuck her….I mean….with her lol. So that night I recorded on my phone, her going into Brad’s house….and was even able to peek through a window to catch her being a little slut with him. Unfortunately before she got too naked, they moved to a different room. But I got enough on tape to get what I wanted out of her.

Of course my 1st course of action was to have her do all of my chores. Things that I hated to do like wash and fold my laundry, vacuum the house, wash the floors, and empty the dishwasher….etc. But to be honest, as much as it was fun to make someone else do my work….I was getting kind of bored. I wanted to get something more out of the blackmail that I had over her. I wanted something more exciting. To be honest….I wanted what Brad got that night.

Watch as I my step-sis to do things. Things you could tell she didn’t want to do, but knew she had to in order to stay out of trouble. Things like strip out of her clothes, let me touch her in places a step-brother shouldn’t touch a step-sister….and I also made her spread her ass cheeks wide apart, so I could see her exposed holes. Then I had her crawl on her hands and knees over to me, and told her to suck and fuck my cock like how she sucked and fucked Brad’s dick.

I’ll give my step-sis credit, she did everything that I ordered her to do….just like a good little step-sis is supposed to do!

***Starring Aaliyah Hadid***
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