sloansmoans – gf vs sis: she’ll never be me HD 1080p

I’m your big sister and I’ve noticed something about your gf lately. She’s an old family friend and used to look up to me like a big sis. But now… she’s changed. She’s starting to resemble me more and more. Acting like me, talking like me, dressing like me, smelling like me, I can’t fucking take it anymore! I bite my tongue until one day I leave the house in a hurry and accidentally leave my cam on. Upon arriving back I find you and her fucking in my room, ON MY BED. I confront you about it one day as I’m lotioning up my legs. You seem skittish and awkward as I talk about all the ways your gf is starting to become my copycat. I tease you and can see how this makes you uncomfortable. I finally admit that I’m actually a little jealous of one thing, and one thing only. See, she’ll always have something I can’t have: YOU. Or can I? You’re hesitant. Reluctant. But can you deny your big sissy’s advances? I doubt it…

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