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i’m hanging out with my very good-looking step brother Drake one rainy day, kinda bored, when he calls me into the basement and asks me to play Twister with him. Twister? He reminds me, what else am I doing? I guess he’s got a point there, i’m pretty bored and what else am I gonna do? I begrudgingly agree to play Twister with him. It starts out pretty basic, left hand yellow, right food red, etc. but soon, our bodies end up very twisted together, legs entangled, my ass pressing into his crotch, our faces ending up breathing right next to each other. Then we stop using the spinner, and just begin placing our hands wherever we desire. . .right hand red means Drake’s hand grabs my breast through my red shirt. . .left hand blue, his grabs my ass in my blue jeans. I know this isn’t right, since we grew up together. . .but I’ve never been able to help my attraction to him. I announce “right hand black” as I grab his stiff cock through his black boxer briefs. What started out as some harmless fun is now turning into something very taboo! I’m so turned on now, I state that one foot goes on either side of his body, and I straddle him, rubbing my hands on Drake’s chest, pressing into his hard on. I get really aggressive: i’m trying to fight this desire inside myself, the same desire I see him having. Our faces getting so close together. We begin rolling over and over each other, all the way to the other side of the room. We pause, stare into each other’s eyes, groping each other’s bodies, before we grasp each other yet again, and roll over and over to the other side of the room. We do this many times before we finally give in, grabbing our faces and kissing passionately, tongues exploring each other’s mouths. . .then we roll again, and again, sometimes me landing on top of Drake, sometimes him landing on top of me, gripping our bodies, holding each other tightly, and kissing deeply and passionately, finally enjoying each other in ways we’ve only ever fantasized about before. The picture fades and the rest is left up to you to imagine

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