Sasha Curves – Making Mom Submit: An Oedipal Affair HD 1080p

You’ve just finished a lecture learning about the Oedipus complex and your mind is full of realisation and excitement. It’s all making sense now, all those thoughts and feelings you’ve always held for mom but were too ashamed to let out. Well, turns out experts reckon that everyone has them! It’s completely natural, built into the psychology of sons to want to sexually dominate their own mothers.

But how are you going to get mom on board with this? Luckily, your years of snooping and spying on her are about to pay off. You know from her browser history that she visits an adult chat forum and that she’s not afraid of discussing the taboo… and you know her username. So, you create an account and hatch a plan to digitally dominate your mother, convincing her to perform more and more depraved acts for her online master before finally revealing yourself and having your way with her for real

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