Sammi Starfish – Mom FaceFuck – School Bully – Vol 3 HD 1080p

Cuckolding Deepthroat Face Fucking Femdom Mommy Roleplay

Hi, I’m 39-year-old Sammi, your favorite real life mother to jerk off to. My best selling video series OF ALL TIME has been my Mommy FaceFuck series. This is volume 3 in that cuckold face fucking series. In this one my son’s school bully (named Chuck) is back again. He comes over to the house to make my son watch as he face fucks me hard and rough until my face is covered in spit and a huge cum throat-pie. This episode has a bit of a twist though. This time Chuck attaches a fucking machine to the back of my head and an open mouth gag in my mouth essentially turning me into a human blowjob machine. I have no control over my head bobbing and I can’t close my mouth. There is no resisting his hard cock going all the way down my throat as I gag and gag over and over again until I want to scream. But I can’t, because my throat is full of cock. And my son has to watch it all as I degrade him and call him a pussy who will never be a real man. If you are a sissy cuckold bitch or just a fan of sloppy facefucks, this is your movie. And don’t forget to get volumes 1 and 2. These are all stand alone movies, but if you love one of them you will love them all! XOXO

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