Sammi Starfish – Mom FaceFuck – School Bully – Vol 2 HD 1080p

Anal Cuckolding Deepthroat Face Fucking Taboo

This is the much anticipated sequel to my all time best selling video “Mom FaceFuck – School Bully – Vol 1”. This is a mother/son cuckold roleplay featuring mostly facefucking and hard ANAL sex. So watch my 39-year-old asshole and mouth get destroyed. Here is the story… I receive a phone call from my son’s school about him taddling and I am angry at him. I told him that I invited the school bully (Chuck) over to the house again and as his punishment he is going to watch me get my face and asshole fucked by Chuck so that he can learn not to be such a pussy. Chuck is going to destroy mommy so that he can learn not to be such a pussy and be more like Chuck, who is a real man. And Chuck comes over and makes me do embarrassing butt plug play, and makes my son sniff my butt plugged asshole. He then relentlessly makes me deepthroat his cock on my knees, gagging me over and over again with spit pouring out of my mouth. Then he has me get on my stomach, grab my ankles, and shoves his cock down my throat. He does not care that I can’t breath and can’t stop gagging. Then he fucks my asshole hard and fast until my ass is gaping wide open with closeups of all the action. And the grand finale is an upside down face fuck on the couch until my face is covered in spit and throatpie cum. All filmed from the perspective of my “son” who is watching all this happen to me. You will feel like you are in the room watching. So so messy on this one. I almost cried during this one, it was not an easy scene to make.

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