Sadbaffoon – Your New Step Mommy – POV Taboo HD 1080p

Your new step mom is moving in with you and your dad today and you’re upset about it. You feel like she’s only with him for money and it’s super weird because she’s closer to your age than your dads. She comes into your room to talk to you in hopes that your relationship with her will improve. She begins to explain how much fun it’ll be to have a younger step mom. She’ll let you throw parties and break your dads rules, but only under one condition. Your dad no longer sexually satisfies her because of his old age. She says if you’d be willing to do some sexual favors for her, you guys would be able to work something out. Your dad isn’t home right now because he’s moving boxes for the big move so she suggests that we start helping each other out right now! Meet me in my room in 10 minutes, she asks. You go in there to find her mostly naked with just a lose blouse on. She says it’s felt like ages that she’s been waiting for you for. She takes your cock out and starts to gag herself on it. You feel yourself growing bigger and bigger in her mouth. After a few minutes she asks you if you’ve ever eaten pussy before and if you’d be willing to eat your step mommy’s. She pushes your face in between her thighs and humps your tongue. The way she smells and tastes is making your dick even harder. She spreads her pussy and shows you the tight hole your cock is going into and your dick starts to throb. She mounts you and starts riding your dick, with her tits jumping up and down. It feels so good deep inside your step mommy. She keeps saying how she’s so excited to be your little mommy toy, to be used by you. She turns around and rides you in reverse cowgirl and you watch her asshole pulse while she cums on your dick. She rolls over on her side and begs you to fuck her until you can’t hold in your jizz anymore. When you’re about to cum, she pulls your dick out of her and shoves your cock in your mouth like she’s starving for cum. You empty a load into her mouth and she gulps it down. You taste just like your dad! I’m so excited for our future together as your step mommy.

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