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Son gets jealous that his Mom is going I walk into my son’s room to tell him that I’m ready to go out for my date. I’ll be home around 9. He has a funny look on his face. I ask him, “Do I look okay?” He says I look great, so I ask him why he is so sad. Oh, his he jealous? Doesn’t Mommy deserve a man in her life? He agrees, so I offer him a compromise. How about Mommy takes care of him before I go? He still looks sad, but he definitely likes that. As he is lying on his bed, I bend over him and start stroking his cock through his pants. I remind him that Mommy can still make him happy. I help him take his pants off and pull him to the edge of the bed. I keep stroking his cock and tell him to get it nice and hard for Mommy. I see him eyeing my cleavage. I pull my skimpy down so he can get a good view of Mommy’s titties. I see how excited that gets him, so I tell him to play with Mommy’s titties. I can tell that feels so good. I remind him to think about Mommy’s hand on his little cock. One day it will grow and be a very big cock, but not yet. Mommy’s son’s big cock. But first, I bed over and put my little son’s cock in my mouth. I remind him how much Mommy loves him as I moan all over his yummy little cock, getting it nice and wet. I tell him I’m going to drain those balls before I go. I tell him to cum for your Mommy and he builds to shoot his cum all over me. He cums so hard, and it makes me flinch with how strongly it hits my face. My son cums all over my mouth, my titties, and even in my freshly made up hair. Mmm, but I can tell it feels better to shoot that cum out of his little balls. But he’s still hard. Did we not do enough for my little man? Does Mommy need to make him cum again? Well, if that what we need to do, then let’s make my son cum again while his cum is all over Mommy’s titties. I have a good idea, so I have him scoot back on the bed. I pull my panties down and climb on top of my son. I pull my skirt aside and slide my son’s cock into my pussy. My son’s cum is still dripping off of my chin and titties and I ride his cock. Mmm, I bet Mommy’s pussy feels good, doesn’t it? Of course it does. He feels better already just being inside of Mommy. I rub his cum into my titties as I ride him. I’m not even going to clean it off. I should just leave my son’s cum on me all night for the date. That thought turns him on. I can tell he’s getting close to cumming again already. I tell him to try and enjoy Mommy’s pussy a little longer. I ride him some more, enjoying myself. Then this time, I want him to cum inside of Mommy. That’s usually a no-no, huh? Can’t get Mommy pregnant. But I want his cum with me all night. And when I feel it dripping out of me, just know that it’s my son’s cum. Right as we’re eating dinner. I want to think about my son’s cum inside of me, feeling close. Oh, that feels so good! Mommy is going to cum! I cum on my son’s yummy cock, and I can tell that makes him want to cum soon. He loves it when his mommy cums. Mommy cumming is going to make him cum. I tell him to cum for me, to cum deep inside of Mommy. I feel his little cock twitch inside of me, filling up Mommy’s pussy with his cum. What a good son he is. As we finish up, I give him a big kiss. Before I go to tidy up, I remind him that I will have him with me all night. on a date. He usually gets mommy all to himself.

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