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I’m so happy Daddy took me shopping. I’ve never had so many cute panties! Wait, he wants me to try them on for him or else I can’t keep them? No that’s weird! I can’t believe Daddy is such a perv! Fine, they are so cute, I’ll do it. He makes me take my top off too. I try on the new panties for him one at a time. He makes me turn around and come closer to him so he can get a better view. I don’t care if he used to bathe me, this is still weird! Now he wants me to sit on his cock! No, that is so weird! I have to or else he won’t ever take me shopping again? That is so unfair! Okay, fine! I can’t believe I’m about to sit on Daddy’s cock. He makes me pull my panties to the side, and sit down on my Daddy. Oh my god, his cock is so big inside of me! He makes me change my panties again and again and sit on his cock each time. He wants to cum inside me. No, I can’t let him! He can’t cum in me, he might get me pregnant! I’m too young to be pregnant! I beg him to pull out of me right now. He finally pulls out and gets cum all over me. His cum is all over and dripping down my back and ass. He got it all over my brand new panties!

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