Rebecca de Winter – Teacher’s Blackmail HD 1080p

I open the door late at night and to my surprise, it’s my student. He said he had a fight with his dad and had nowhere else to go. I hesitate at first but it’s late and would be dangerous for him to be wandering the streets, so I let him for the night. I show him the guest room and go to my bedroom where my boyfriend is waiting for me. I get undress while I tell him what just happened. My bf starts stroking his cock and even though I try to stop him we end up fucking. The next morning I go to offer breakfast to my student, and he says he wants ME for breakfast! I laugh but he shows me a video of my boyfriend and me fucking. He was spying on us!! I order him to delete the video but he tells me I need to suck his cock and then fuck him to do it. If not he will show the video to the headmaster. Well, so you know I care so much about my reputation…

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