Princess Leia – Step-Daddy’s Wake-Up Call HD 1080p

MMm, good morning, Step-Daddy! hehe, You thought I was Step-Mommy, didn’t you? No way, she’s gone on that business trip, remember! I’ve seen her do this to you before,… I thought I’d fill in while she’s not here. She’ll never have to know. You’ve been real cranky lately. Every morning, when you take me to school. We just aren’t getting along! I want my Step-Daddy to be happy, and you’ve always been in such a good mood after Step-Mommy’s done this to you.

Ah, is what I’m doing wrong, Step-Daddy? I’m sorry. Do you want me to stop? No, I didn’t think so… Is it… good? It’s my first time; am I doing okay? You like it when I deep throat you, don’t you. Does this feel good? … Does this make you happy, Step-Daddy? Being sucked by your . Would cumming down my throat satisfy you? I want to taste you… Please cum in my mouth, Step-Daddy!

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