Princess Leia – Step-Daddy’s Naughty Girl Swallows HD 1080p

Step-Daddy, you always know when I’ve been a bad girl… Yes, Step-Daddy, I was naughty at school today. But you know I can’t help myself! Please don’t be angry with me! I’m in trouble. I know it. I’m sorry, Step-Daddy, I just love the feel of a stiff rod down my throat. I sucked off two guys today at school. One was a band nerd and the teacher caught me! So naturally I sucked my teacher off not to tell! I keep quiet like a good girl, Step-Daddy.

Do you want to know? I really do like it a lot, Step-Daddy. What I do at school isn’t nearly all of it. I love sucking cock! …Step-Daddy, honestly, I’ve always wanted to.. see yours… feel yours… Can I be naughty again Step-Daddy? Please, promise I won’t tell. I’m your favorite, right? I don’t want Step-Daddy to be mad at me! Let me show you what I did today while I tell you all about it. I love you, Step-Daddy!

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