Princess Leia – Dressing For Step-Daddy HD 1080p

Step-Daddy, thanks for helping me pick out an outfit to wear tonight! I have no clue what to wear. Should I wear this formal, black and white dress? Or this tight-fitting blue dress? Hmm, well I can’t have a panty line showing. Let me change panties… What do you think? Oh I like this green one! But, I don’t wear a bra with the green dress. Okay Step-Daddy, don’t feel uncomfortable or anything but I have to take my bra off to try on the green dress…

…Step-Daddy! I’m not making you too uncomfortable, am I? hehe, I didn’t think you’d be so turned on by watching me try on dresses. Mm, well we can’t have you with a raging hard-on at the party! Let me take care of that for you, Step-Daddy. Don’t worry, your ‘s really good at this. Relax and enjoy my wet mouth as I suck that big load out of you, Step-Daddy. Step-Mommy hasn’t taken care of you in a while, huh? You’ve been such a great help to me so I should return the favor, right? It’s okay, you can cum in my mouth and no one will have a clue!

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