Princess Leia – Desperate And Devoted Step-Daughter HD 1080p

*It’s New Year’s Eve & Step-Daddy finds me crying in my room* … Oh, Step-Daddy, Step-Mom was so mean to me! (I say, with tears streaming down my face) She says this dress is too inappropriate for my age. Is what I’m wearing really slutty, Step-Daddy? I just wanted to look good for… you… moves closer I, well, I was hoping you’d give me a kiss at midnight. But, not just a peck on the cheek, Step-Daddy. A real kiss… Have I upset you? I’m so sorry, please don’t be mad! I’m sorry, Step-Daddy, it’s just… I’ve had a crush on you ever since you married Step-Mom and I just can’t help it anymore! Don’t you love me? This isn’t just another crush; I don’t want it to go away! I’ve ruined everything haven’t I… Please Step-Daddy, *tears welling up* Step-Mommy doesn’t deserve you or appreciate you, but… I do! I’m your little princess and all I want to do is treat you like a king. Oh Step-Daddy, you’re.. you’re hard! Oh my God, please let me take care of you. I’ll do anything! No one knows we’re up here. Everybody’s downstairs enjoying the New Year’s party. I’ve seen you look at me… and my friends, Step-Daddy. I belong on my knees for you. Please, I promise I won’t tell Step-Mommy! She will never find out. Just our own step-daddy-step-daughter secret. …Thank you, Step-Daddy! Yes, please use me however you like! I’ll do so much for you. I could even train my girlfriends to please and serve Step-Daddy just as much as I want to. Just please don’t make me stop! I’m yours now, Step-Daddy. I’m your good, obedient . I’ll do anything to make you cum. Please show me what a good girl I’ve been and cum in my mouth. I’ll swallow it all so nobody knows. Please, Step-Daddy, feed me. I won’t look away until you’ve cum!

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