Princess Leia – Caught Smoking Step-Daddy’s Cigars HD 1080p

Step-Daddy, hi! You weren’t supposed to be home. I, oh you’ve caught me… Step-Daddy, wait, please don’t tell Step-Mommy! She never has to know. Really, I’ll do anything, just please don’t tell. I know she doesn’t approve of smoking at all… Why can’t we smoke together then, Step-Daddy? If you tell on me, I’ll tell her about your porn collection and all the younger smoking girls you watch! Don’t think I haven’t noticed you staring at me too. This turns you on, doesn’t it, Step-Daddy? Having your smoke with a big, fat cigar in her mouth? Do you like the way it looks in my cute mouth?

Step-Daddy, if you let me smoke your cigar, I’ll let you stroke one out for me, right here… I’ll unbutton my top and show you my pretty pussy while I smoke. Oh, Step-Daddy, this is really naughty! Maybe we should go inside… after all this smoking, my mouth’s very wet and I’m . Do you want to use my mouth, Step-Daddy? I want you to use my pretty mouth to get off. Mm, now I need to cum! Please fuck me, Step-Daddy, I don’t care! I want you inside me. I want to feel your bare cock deep inside my tight pussy. I’m going to cum on your cock. I’ll give you a cum countdown from 10 to 1 when I’m ready to let you cum, okay? But remember, Step-Mommy can never know!

Video Includes: taboo, cigar fetish, cigar smoking, orgasms

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