Princess Ellie Idol – I’LL HELP YOU, BOSS HD 1080p

You’re starting a new job and I’ve been put under you as your assistant. I’m here to help you get set up and a big part of my job is making sure that you’re happy and relaxed. I know it can be very stressful and my job is to relieve your stress. Everyone is at lunch, so it’s a perfect time to show you what I mean. I strip down and plant my lips on yours. As I begin to stroke your erection, you blow your load in my palm in less than a minute. I tease you a little for it, but this isn’t where we stop. I return after washing up and lay on the floor, legs open and ready to receive your hardon. We’re finding a rhythm but you, once again blow it too early, this time leaving me a creampie. We break again for a third round. I’m going to train you to hold your load back! This time you do very well and even manage to make me climax hard and unexpectedly. Good job, boss!

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