Penny Barber – Mommy’s Sweet Rewards

This is the moment we’ve been working towards for so many years. I open and read your acceptance letter and…you got in! I prepared something special to celebrate this moment. Can you guess what it is, sweetie? Recounting all the sacrifices you made to accomplish this, I slowly remove my conservative dress to reveal the stunning shining lingerie I’ve been saving just for you. Mommy is going to make-up for ALL of the activities you missed being her perfect little go getter. I lavish you with praise as I get on my knees and take your beautiful cock in my proud and eager mouth. Tenderly kissing, licking, and sucking your manhood makes Mommy soooo excited. Sliding your perfect dick between my big soft tits, I tell you that Mommy will give you ANYTHING you want! You pick my pussy and fuck me from behind like the stud you are. After coming harder than I’ve ever come before, I let my hair down and ride you as hard as I can, coming again and again until you tell me you want to finish on my big tits. You give Mommy the biggest load of cum I’ve ever seen and I rub it all over my breasts before licking it off of my hand. Mommy’s rewards will always be the sweetest, big boy. XOXO

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