Olive Wood – Your Sister Needs a Sperm Donor HD 1080p

You once promised your sister that if she wasn’t married by her 30th birthday, you’d act as her sperm donor and help her start a family. Now the time has come, and she expects you to deliver on your promise. Single, lonely, and desperate to be impregnated, she begs you for a vial of semen, and you charitably agree to sneak away from your wife and drop one off at her hotel room.

Upon your arrival, your sister eagerly prepares to be impregnated. Vibrating with nervous excitement, she misses her vagina by several feet and accidentally squirts your carefully collected sperm sample all over her face. Hysterical and humiliated, she tearfully asks you for more and you agree to attempt to produce some.

Although she promises you a few minutes of privacy as you masturbate in the bathroom, she can’t stop herself from impatiently bursting in and offering you a hand. You agree to let her use her hands and mouth to help you ejaculate, but somehow it’s not enough. In a desperate attempt to fulfill her Impregnation fantasy, she suggests that you breed her the old fashioned way. How can you resist?

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