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For weeks, you’ve been sneaking off with your sister and masturbating in the privacy of her bedroom. Although the two of you desperately want to have sex, the risk of getting caught is far too great, and you’ve never touched each other during your play. Today, your sneaky session feels better than ever. Your sister drools over your cock and begs you to slide it inside her for the first time, but you refuse. Despite your insistence that that sex together would be wrong, your sister continues to pressure you, and you agree to let you taste you. Her mouth feels so good! You roll your head back and prepare to orgasm, but you’re rudely interrupted when MOMMY walks in.

Flustered and disgusted, Mommy begins to bark at you both. Although sibling relationships have been a long-standing tradition in your family, she draws the line at premarital sex and insists that the two of you must have a hurried wedding ceremony before the day is over.


As dictated by family tradition, your sister arrives to your makeshift ceremony shrouded plastic wrap. Awkwardly readjusting her synthetic veil, she pleads with Mommy to let her remove it, but Mommy refuses and reminds you both the plastic symbolizes your sister’s purity and that you may only unpackage her when she’s ready to be “used”. Mommy proceeds with your unique family ceremony, and declares you husband and wife. Your union is sealed with a kiss, and Mommy reminds you that according to tradition, she must accompany you to the bedroom for your first night as a married couple. Your sister appears irritated, but reluctantly agrees. Mommy instructs your sister to take your cock into her mouth, but she’s dissatisfied with her daughter’s oral capabilities. She pushes her aside and demonstrates proper cock sucking form while your sister looks on.


Mommy leads you into the bedroom and instructs you to mount your sister. Although her presence is awkward at first, your shyness dissolves the moment you’re inside your new bride. You can’t believe how good your sister feels! Mommy gushes over how beautiful you are together before lifting up her skirt and reminding you that according to family tradition, the matriarch of the household must masturbate as she watches you for the first time. You don’t remember anything about masturbation in family records, but you don’t complain. You love watching Mommy make herself wetter and wetter as you spill your seed into your eager sister. Mommy pulls you over and takes a turn with you, quivering as she comes on your cock before instructing you to pull out and finish inside your sister. Pregnancy is of the upmost importance, and not a single drop of your semen can be wasted.

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