Olive Wood – Give Yourself to Mommy HD 1080p

When Mommy finds out you’ve been lying about having a girlfriend, she decides to take matters into her own hands and give you the feminine attention you crave. Mommy declares that it’s time for you to lose your virginity, and before you can retort, she slips off her robe and offers to take it herself. You’re not entirely sure how to react, but as soon as she wraps her fingers around your cock, your body does all the thinking for you. Mommy lies back on her bed and you follow, excitedly waiting for direction until she guides your cock inside her. Mommy feels so good! She writhes and moans as she professes that sex has never felt this good and that she’s worried she may become addicted to you. She bends over, offering to let take her from behind as she thrusts herself backwards on your cock, urging you to slide inside as deep as you possibly can. When you can no longer hold back your orgasm, Mommy instructs you to climb back on top of her so that she can look into your eyes as you experience your first climax with a woman. With Mommy’s encouragement, you orgasm inside her. Beaming with pride, she congratulates you for your achievement and explains that no other woman will ever love you like she does.

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