Nikki Brooks AND Alissa Avni – Shruken step daughter Part 2 HD 1080p

From: Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures

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Scene One: Part Two

Nikki has been shrunk for weeks now, but she finally figures out how to make herself big again! She re-appears in her daughters bedroom while she Alissa is listening to music with her headphones on. Nikki walks up to her step-daughter, who is lying on her bed in a thong, and she starts to rub her ass cheeks. “You think you got rid of me? You slut!” Nikki smirks. She starts to spank Alissa’s ass while she says “I’ll bet that’s what step-daddy does to you! I know you’re really fucking him, even though you have been lying to my face!” she says. She shoves her face in Alissa’s ass and that’s when Alissa pulls her headphones off and slowly turns around. She is shocked to see that her step-mom is right behind her! “What are you doing here?!” Alissa asks her step-mom. “Just admit that you’re fucking step-daddy!” she demands. Alissa continues to deny it, but Nikki reminds her that she has been shrunk in this house for weeks and she knows everything that has been going on lately! Nikki takes the remote out and she points it at Alissa. All of a sudden, Alissa shrinks down to the size of a thumb! “Now that’s better!” Nikki giggles. Alissa stomps her feet and she tries to scream but she is just too tiny!

Nikki takes her finger and she flicks Alissa across the room. She lands on the floor of the living room. Nikki walks in to the living room and she decides to call her husband and confront him about his relationship with his step-daughter. “You’re obsessed with Alissa! What is going on with her!? Are you fucking her?” she demands. Luke denies it over the phone, and Nikki tells him how she saw them fucking with her own eyes while she was shrunk! Nikki doesn’t notice that Alissa is trying to get her attention from the living room carpet. Alissa waves her little arms in the air and she tries yelling, but her step-mom can’t hear her. “I shrunk your step-daughter and now I am going to squish her!” she tells her husband. Nikki starts to stomp on the floor while Alissa ducks out of her way! Nikki finally grabs her step-daughter by the back of her shirt and she lifts her up in to the air. She swallows Alissa’s body whole, and Alissa falls down her throat and lands in her stomach! “Ew! It smells disgusting in here!” Alissa complains to herself. Nikki strips naked and she lies down on the couch so she can masturbate while she is on the phone with her husband. Nikki can feel Alissa walking around inside of her stomach while she is trying to make herself cum! Right after she cums, she farts really loud and Alissa flies out of her step-mom’s ass! Alissa lands on the wall and her tiny body splatters all over…

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