Nikki Brooks and Alissa Avni – Shrunken step daughter Vol 3 HD-1080p

From: Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures

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Alissa heard her step-dad go in to the bathroom and turn the shower on. She’s so turned on by him, that she can’t resist trying to sneak a peak! She cracks the door open and she secretly watches her step-daddy take a shower. She puts her hand down her tight, little jean shorts and she starts to rub her clit. “Step-Daddy looks so good naked!” she moans, as she keeps rubbing her clit. A few moments later, her step-mother comes storming in to the room and she grabs Alissa by her arm! “You were watching your step-father in the shower!” Nikki yells at her. ” I was not! You’ve had too much wine, step-mom!” Alissa exclaims. “You’re fucking him, aren’t you?! You’re stealing my husband!” Nikki continues to yell at her. “You really need to stop drinking, step-mom!” Alissa tells her. Nikki begins to get nervous that her husband will leave all of his money to his step-daughter, Alissa, and that she will be left broke! Nikki just can’t allow that to happen, so she comes up with a plan to get rid of Alissa for good…

Nikki drags Alissa by her arm, in to a construction zone! Nikki keeps sipping on her wine and stumbling all over the place as she tells her step-daughter that she will never get her step-daddy’s money! “I don’t even want step-daddy’s money and I don’t like that you’re using him for his money!” Alissa exclaims. Nikki does not believe her step-daughter at all; She takes a magical remote and she points it at Alissa. “What is that?!” Alissa questions. All of a sudden, Alissa shrinks down to the size of a thumb… However, she must have pressed the wrong button because her step-daughter has multiplied!! There are hundreds of mini Alissa’s running around on the floor and climbing up the walls! Nikki starts to scream and stomp on as many mini Alissa’s she can find! Nikki catches one of the mini versions of her step-daughter and she puts her in my mouth and swallows her! Alissa is now walking around inside of her step-mom’s stomach and it smells so terrible in there! More mini Alissa’s are climbing up the abandoned toilet seats, while Nikki was not looking. Three mini Alissa’s stand in a row on top of toilet together; The first one starts to give Nikki the middle finger but the other two tell her “You can’t smash ALL of us!! Ha ha!” Nikki takes her finger and she flings the first two across the room! The third mini Alissa tries to run away, but she eventually gets caught too! Nikki grabs another mini Alissa off the window sill and she swallows her whole. Nikki starts to feel something in her throat… She goes to throw up and mini Alissa comes tumbling out! All of a sudden, Alissa is transformed back to her regular size! “You’re the worst step-mother ever!!” she cries out. “Now it’s my turn to shrink you!” Alissa exclaims as she grabs the remote from inside of her step-mother’s bra. Alissa points the remote at her step-mother, who instantly shrinks down to the size of a thumb! “Now step-daddy is ALL MINE!” Alissa smirks, as she takes her hand and smashes her step-mother.

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